How to Dress Well/Port St. Willow/Bamenda/Slolivia @ Eclectic

Eric Lopez ’15 doesn’t have free food for you, but he does have free live music:

How to Dress Well (real name Tom Krell) is bringing his beautiful electronica/R&B music to Wesleyan.
Be prepared to fall in love.

Four reasons to come out:

  • HTDW for FREE!
  • Slolivia spinning all night long.
  • Port St. Willow’s smooth sounds.
  • Bamenda (Dema!) killin’ it.

Come early.
Sway all night long.

9:30 – Slolivia
10:00 – Bamenda
10:25 – Port St. Willow
11:00 – How To Dress Well

Date: Saturday, October 6
Time: 9 pm – 1 am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: NADA

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6 thoughts on “How to Dress Well/Port St. Willow/Bamenda/Slolivia @ Eclectic

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    1. Zach

      For real? I didn’t know you had to apply for a permit from the United Society of Marvin Gaye Appreciators before you could describe your music as R&B.

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