W’Escrime Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

As if midterms weren’t already gooey and delicious by nature, Ben Forde ’16 and the mysterious “Sarah” want to amp up your dairy intake:

It’s Sunday night before midterms. Wouldn’t your studying be improved by a grilled cheese sandwich? GOOD NEWS. W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club is delivering grilled cheeses everywhere across campus! Text (248) 270-5941 or email grilledcheesefencing(at)gmail(dot)com to order, or come to Hewitt 8 and pick one up yourself.

Good luck!

Date: Sunday, October 7
Time: 8 am-1 am
Place: Wherever you are or Hewitt 8
Cost: Classic $3, Deluxe Tomato-Mozarella $4
Grilled: Cheese

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2 thoughts on “W’Escrime Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

  1. W'Escrime

    Thank you for your support!! (Un)fortunately we’ve been cleared out of all our sandwiches and will be closing for the night. See you next semester!!!

  2. Correction

    Correction: 8pm start time, not 8am. And we’ll be in Science Hall specifically (in Hewitt 8), if you want to stop by to pick up your grilled cheese.

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