Making Diversity a Reality

Christian Hosam ’15 writes in with a special reminder to encourage students to attend tonight’s WSA meeting, as Chief Diversity Officer Sonia Manjon and Dean for Diversity Renee Johnson-Thornton will both be present to talk about diversity and discrimination on campus. Hosam specifically urges “anyone who feels like they aren’t included in the campus conversation to come out tonight to talk about it.” For a better understanding of some of the issues at hand, you can read his Wespeak:

Do you feel included on this campus? Do you feel that your interests are represented? Do you feel that your individuality is celebrated or do you feel that you are often pressured to subsume parts of yourself to make others feel comfortable? If you’re not satisfied, you shouldn’t be satisfied allowing your voice to be left out. I am chairing a new committee on Diversity and Inclusion within the WSA. If you feel compelled to join, please e-mail me at chosam@wes for more information. The appointments process will begin after Fall Break. There will also be a discussion about diversity and the WSA this Sunday at 7 PM in Wyllys 114. You should stop by.

Date: Tonight, October 7
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: 41 Wyllys/Squash, Room 114

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