Something Happening on Church?

There are no less than four Middletown Police cruisers parked behind one suspicious looking vehicle on Church Street right outside the Rises. An officer is searching the vehicle, and there are three (civilian) people sitting on the ground by the cruisers (no handcuffs visible). There’s a K9 unit, and one of the dogs is barking incessantly. Some people are yelling rude things from a clearly identifiable apartment in Hi-Rise: “you in the uniform, you’re ugly! You suck!”

Anybody know what’s up?

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3 thoughts on “Something Happening on Church?

  1. Evan Weber

    Yeah, real brave and smart to yell at them from a distance when you have no idea whats going on. Oh yeah, its the weekend and you have “liquid balls”.

      1. Evan Weber

        That, in fact, was not me at all. Although I do like the term “liquid balls” and have been known to acquiesce them myself in the night times.

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