Canvass for Obama in New Hampshire

From Noah Klein-Markman ’13 and Zachary Malter ’13:

Want to spend election day and/or the few days leading up to it on the ground helping Obama get elected? Wesleyan students are organizing a trip to canvass for Obama in New Hampshire between November 3rd and November 6th. People can sign up for any or all of those days and get free housing in New Hampshire.
To sign up, go here. We cannot guarantee a spot on the trip for everyone, but please sign up if you’re interested. Sign ups end Wednesday October 10th.
For more information, e-mail zmalter(at)wesleyan(dot)edu and nmarkman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.
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4 thoughts on “Canvass for Obama in New Hampshire

  1. RFB

    Getting tired of Wesleying being a vessel for the Democratic party. Can’t we go back to actually being liberal or even radical (if that’s what you’re into) instead of directly promoting corrupt plutocrats in EVERY SINGLE ELECTION SO FAR THIS YEAR.

    Shoot child

    1. Activist

      If you’d like to lend support to other candidates, including those from third-parties, feel free to plan organizing efforts–I’m sure you’ll be able to post on Wesleying and recruit people as with any other cause.

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