Pumpkin Fest ’12: Cow and Gourds


Cancelled last year by a minor Snowpocalypse, Pumpkin Fest returned last Saturday more gourdtacular than ever! Long Lane Farm hosted the idyllic autumn event. The weather was beautiful, music was great, and there were lots of young children running around with their faces painted. Long Lane and the College of the Environment hosted the event and the very cool COE bike generators powered much of it. There was a cow, a yoga circle courtesy of WesBAM!, a tire swing, delicious smoothies from Raw Youniverse, vegetarian food, and tables set up by various environmental student groups.

I got to Long Lane on my new bike (!!) when Friendship Marathon (Gabe Greenberg ’14, Noah Rush ’14, and Jackie Soro ’14) was halfway through their spirited, multi-instrumental set. Next up was Northpaw (Boy-Prince Zack Kantor ’15, Nate Repasz ’14, Eriq Robinson ’15, Sam Sontag ’14, Gabe Beaudoin ’15, Dan Light ’14, and Sean Winnik ’14), who played a crowd-pleasing set including “Let’s Get it On” (Zack singing sultrily on his birthday is the best) and the Hey Arnold theme song.

Unfortunately I missed the other bands (Surprise GuestIsaac Silk and Derek FrankBrushfireFeatherwood Bee, and Goodbye Goodbye Penis Penis Penis), but I’m sure they were great too. Anyone know what the deal with GGPPP is?

Other highlights of Pumpkin Fest include the tasty chocolate-almond-banana and mango-pineapple smoothies I had, eating freshly picked Long Lane herbs, Becca Wilton ’15 accosting me to take awkward pics of her and the cow, having my bike ridden by people for the bike generator, having my bike in general (rode it gleefully around campus five times that day), and seeing Kate Gibbel ’15‘s fleshy and disturbing face paint. Pumpkin Fest was probably the closest I got to apple picking this Fall/I should do that soon.

Lots of pictures and video of Northpaw after the jump:

Pictures taken by Marj Dodson ’13, Nina Gerona ’15, and me:

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