Active Minds National Day Without Stigma

If you’ve been in Usdan today, you might have seen a table with lots of buttons or maybe you’ve spotted someone walking around with an “I will listen” sticker and wondered what that was all about. Today is Active Minds’s annual National Day Without StigmaThe objective of National Day Without Stigma is to eliminate the shame and discrimination surrounding mental health disorders by creating communities of understanding, support, and help-seeking.

In honor of National Day Without Stimga, Active Minds is tabling in Usdan, handing out mental health resources and buttons and will also be playing a game of “sticker tag.” As part of National Suicide Prevention Week back in September, a few high schools established a proactive method of spreading their message via stickers that said, “I will listen.” However, rather than simply wearing these stickers, they encouraged participants to spread the message by handing out  stickers to at least 9 other people during the day. By the end of the event, the majority of the students were sporting these hopeful messages.
Using this model, Active Minds at Wes will have  three types of stickers: one reading, “I am listening because…”, one reading, “I will listen”, and one without any pre-fabricated message on it. The first and third types have room for participants to write their own personal reasons for supporting mental-health awareness and advocacy.

We hope you will come by Usdan and take some stickers. To learn more about Active Minds, check out the Facebook Page or email activemindswes(at)gmail(dot)com to be added to the listserv.

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