Audition for a Senior Thesis Film

From Kaitlin Lee ’13:

You should totally try out for this! I think you would be good at it. You don’t need to bring anything, you don’t need to memorize anything, you don’t need to wear anything special. Just come! Why are you doubting yourself. That’s lame don’t do that. I think you should at least come out. It’ll be good for you! Putting yourself out there and everything. I’m proud of you already! It’ll be quick, real quick. I promise. Just try out! It’ll be so much fun!

It’ll be at Usdan 110 on Wednesday at 5pm to 7pm. You should just do it, I mean it won’t kill you or anything.

Anyways, I believe in you.

Date: Wednesday, October 10
Time: 5-7 pm
Place: Usdan 110

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