New Peer Institution Blunt About Its Identity

Are you Wesleyan?

Do you desire…holistic training for the mind, body, and spirit? Do you excel…in the art of extreme creepiness? Are two heads…better than one? Are you…Wesleyan MU?

Monsters University (MU), “famously located” near Monstropolis, appears to be quite the legit institution.  As Chloe Murtagh ’15, who sent me the link, said, “Wow, their website is better than ours!”  But in case you’re wondering: no, this is not a parody of Wesleyan specifically.  The “Go MU!” and “Show Your Pride” boxes on the homepage above are anything but Wesleyan.  A little deceptive, of course, since that athletic field is so reminiscent of Corwin Stadium.


The robust college website is a promotion for Monsters University, a prequel to everyone’s favorite Monsters, Inc.  While the film was originally set to come out this November, it’s been pushed back all the way to June 21, 2013.  In it, we are taken ten years back in the lives of protagonists Sulley and Mike, to when they first meet and are members of the same frat.  In a classic tale of frenemiehood, they start off as rivals before becoming (as anyone who watched the first film knows) BFFs.

The similarities between the Wesleyan and Monsters University sites can be quite detailed, at least in structure.  Take, for example, the “At a Glance” pages:

Monsters University verus Wesleyan University, At a Glance

MU is clearly different from Wesleyan, with a student body that is over four times as large but a campus with a slightly smaller land area.  Thankfully, we have 44 “major fields of study” to MU’s 22, but they’ve got us beat with 34 minors to… 3.  And we might have the ‘CAC, but they’ve got the MAC.

The similarities go further.  MU students have, for example, “the option to live on campus and on–campus all four years” just as we do (although it seems to be an error on the MU site).  While you’re there, don’t forget to check out The Coffee Closet, serving a “Caramel Clawpuccino” that one could just imagine too easily at Espwesso.  The Campus Safety Blotter can keep you up-to-date on crime on campus just as well, if not better, than P-Safe can.  Heck, you can read the President’s spiel on intellectual curiosity, diversity, excellence, and—you guessed it—interdisciplinary programs.  You can even try to sign in to the ePortfolio equivalent, if you have a Net ID and password.

Disney-Pixar’s true genius, here, is likely that they imagined an institution that everyone seems to think is their alma mater, whether it’s Dartmouth, or Miami University of Ohio, or Wesleyan.

MU, like Wesleyan, strives to “make college affordable for every admitted student,” but is unclear about its need-blind admissions status.  If you’re feeling compelled, however, be wary that MU does not have detailed information on transfer applications.

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