View With A Room: Buttloads of Space, Sunlight and Style in the Butts

Wardrobe View

Despite living in the “not-newly-renovated second floor of Butts C,” Rachel Fox ’16 has a kick-ass dorm room.

Perhaps most commendable is her innovative use of bleak dorm furniture. After situating her wardrobe diagonally in the corner of the room “to give the space more of an open feeling,” Rachel has perched her three-shelf bookcase on its side atop the wardrobe to create three skinny cubbies.
Phenomenal space-saving skills? She’s got ’em. Ability to reach tall things? I sure hope so.

Expanding on her space-conscious mantra, Rachel notes that “[a]ll of the furniture is against the walls so [my roommate and I] have a nice large space in the center of the room.” At her desk, a reincarnated tomato can holds pens, scissors, and what appears to be pocky. “My desk is placed facing out, towards the large window… I can look out into the courtyard and enjoy the natural light of the sun if I want to study in the dorm.” Thanks in part to a Kilim Turkish rug, Tibetan prayer flags, and poster of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, Rachel says her room “actually feels like a little home.”

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Are you proud of your “little home?” Wanna show off your worldly trinkets or eclectic taste in posters? Hope that by showing pictures of your room to outsiders you can receive help finding the source of that mysterious smell? Email your dorm pics (along with some brief notes on what makes it special) to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org to be featured in our View With A Room series!

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