WESUre Have Good News for You: Lecture Series Fall Lineup!

The prophecy has been fulfilled, says Virgil “Radio Head” Taylor ’15:

The WESU Lecture Series is now complete. Your favorite grandparent-aged Wesleyan entity has already brought Anthony Fantano to campus, and now we are ready to fill you in on our plans for Fall / Winter 2012! We are continuing this week with Ilya Marritz ’99 (pictured/rendered, right) who will lecture tomorrow night at 8:00 – 9:30 in the CFA Hall. AND THEN… On November 1, Doug Berman ’84 of Car Talk and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! will be on campus. AND THEN… November 8 will bring Radiolab‘s Lynn Levy ’05. We hope to see you then and there! Peep our site for updates.

Link here.

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