News Coverage Round-up: Former Student Files Lawsuit

If you have no idea what I’m referring to then you might want to read this first. Or this. Or this, or this, or this. Also this. And maybe this, too.

Anyway, the point: this story has been getting a good deal of news coverage, all the way from Wesleying and The Argus, to the Hartford Courant, to HuffPost, Salon, and more. In addition to this post on the coverage, keep an eye out for a more substantive post from pyrotechnics this weekend. Round-up with brief sketches of coverage below:


BuzzFeed is the first source to challenge some of the contentions of the lawsuit, in particular the campus identity of Beta Theta Pi as a “Rape Factory.” BuzzFeed contacted several current and former students, including our very own Zach, to inquire after the use of this particular term around campus. Some commenters on our earlier piece questioned its use, as did many quoted in the BuzzFeed article, but most do note a stigma around Beta that isn’t exactly positive. All in all, BuzzFeed seems to have done some proper research before writing, taking the time to discuss Beta’s historical image, Beta’s relationship with the University, and some of the confusion surrounding events of the 2010-2011 academic year.

Hartford Courant

The first news source to report on this, as far as I know. The Courant article discusses much of the content of the lawsuit, describing many of the important points made in lawsuit’s case against Beta, its affiliates, and the University.

The Huffington Post

The HuffPost article reports on the Courant reporting but adds some other relevant commentary. HuffPost notes the “campus-wide emails in November 2010 and in 2011” advising students not to attend parties at Beta, touches on the housing-policy debacle and the involvement of FIRE, and finally includes a statement from the national Beta organization condemning the actions of Jane Doe’s assailant.


Brief. Quotes Courant.


Begins, somewhat inexplicably, with a picture of Broad Street Books. Gawker lists the “core principles” of Beta (Wesleyan chapter version) but thereafter launches into an obsession over the term “Rape Factory.” Doesn’t have much else to add.

The Argus

The Argus reports pretty much as neutrally as possible. A succinct overview of the issue for someone who doesn’t want to read much but is interested (then again, you probably haven’t read this far if that’s the case). Well done, Justin Pottle ’13.

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