Fall Break Is A Thing That Is Happening Now Here

Hey guys, Fall Break. It’s just a four-day weekend, but that’s okay with us. Wesleying will be a bit quiet over the next few days. Frankly, we’re still pretty pooped from getting a little schwasty during the Vice Presidential Debate last night, but don’t mind us. Everything’s cool. If you’re looking for somewhere else to procrastinate, I humbly recommend Pretty Colors.

If you’re having yourself an old-fashioned staycation (side note: this Wikipedia article has one of the best photo choices imaginable), do remember to eat. Marco’s Deli is your friend. Red & Black is open regular hours all weekend. Main Street is only like two blocks away. Usdan will not be your destination. Here’s a glimpse at the Fall Break Dining Hours on campus:

Here’s an entirely unrelated and irrelevant but still awesome tweet from a different Red & Black Cafe:

If your main concern is figuring out a way to get your thesis outline done while on campus, we salute you. Yes, the libraries are open, but the hours are limited. Here’s the schedule:

Peace out.

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