Pyxis Call for Submissions: “Bodies”

Pyxis, Wesleyan’s only interdisciplinary humanities journal, has a pretty sweet compendium of corporeal lexicon for your perusal. It also wants you to submit your academic writing related to their theme of BODIES.

Bodies. We all have one. Or do we? What is a body?

Body: (n) The complete physical form of a person or animal; the assemblage of parts, organs, and tissues that constitutes the whole material organism.

Body: (v) To give form, shape, or physical presence to; to embody.

While these are two definitions of “body,” the body, as a concept, has many more connotations. Scholars, for example, have discussed the ways in which the body figures into politics, religion, philosophy (e.g., mind/body dualism), performance, visual art, and science. Pyxis, a new undergraduate journal for the humanities, is interested in seeing how different disciplines and approaches in the humanities have defined, criticized and challenged the notion and interpretations of bodies.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • How do we perceive the limits of the body — what bounds it, what defines it?
  • How does power become inscribed in bodies?
  • How do various bodies of thought create a differential valuation of bodies, through which some become expendable, and others highly valued?
  • What does it mean to embody a notion or idea, and what are its implications?
  • How and why are visual and literary representation of bodies exaggerated, sexualized, idealized, dismembered, fragmented, abstracted and eclipsed in the course of history? Most importantly, how does our intellectual relationship to the body influence our self-understanding as historical, social, and political actors?

We encourage submissions from all disciplines in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Please submit your papers to pyxis.wesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com. Your file should be named as “your name_paper title_course number.” We accept papers of all length. The submission deadline is Thursday, October 25th.

Deadline: Thursday, October 25th
Place: pyxis.wesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com
Cost: ain’t no thang

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