Register .edu Address, Get 3GB Space on Dropbox For Free

Do this. For the sake of thy land and thy campus, click this referral.

As the latest development in the race for being the number one cloud storage service, Dropbox has announced that it will give anyone with a .edu account (that means, anybody(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) is eligible) three gigs of free space for the next two years. This is on top of the two free gigs that you have as a regular Dropbox user.

As an interesting twist, if a certain number of Wesleyan students sign up, we all get an additional eight (8) gigs. Currently, we need 1572 points to get to that number (get points by referring other students). Click here for a referral yourself.

It also seems that if we get a high enough amount of points, we could all earn 15 or 25 GB of space. On the global leaderboard, currently MIT is in first with 12,236 points, Universidade Téchnica de Lisboa in second with 9,804, and the National University of Singapore in third with 9,434 points. I cant even fathom how many points these guys have.

 As someone who is often in charge of media campaigns for student groups promoting events, this appears to me to be an effective and innovative approach, using social media and our societal addiction to more (do you really need 25 GB of space on dropbox?) to persuade hordes of socially connected, media-friendly, college-aged money-spenders to sign up for their service, hereby trumping popular alternatives Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive.

Even though I maintain a certain amount of skepticism for this advertising ploy, I think it’s a steal and totally worth it. So everyone, sign up and soon we’ll have mirrions of gigabytesz, birrrrions!!

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