By The Numbers: A Twice-Monthly Quantitative Analysis Center Seminar

Do you like numbers hidden in social research the way some people like veggies hidden in meatloaf? The numbers are coming to you tomorrow. From Rosa Hayes ’13:

By The Numbers is a twice-monthly seminar series sponsored by the Quantitative Analysis Center showcasing student research in the social sciences. This is a forum for students to present ongoing research and receive feedback from students and faculty. If you have done research, are currently doing research, or are just interested in learning more about contemporary topics in the social sciences, we hope to see you there! 

Catherine Doren ’13
Current trends in education policy advocate increasing school choice and accountability. However, our analyses of sixty-four countries show these policies do not increase achievement. In fact, some advocated practices may even by counterproductive.

Leonid Liu ’14
Numerous political science studies have examined what effect media evaluations of televised political ads–in particular, fact checking and adwatch formats–have on individual voters, but none have examined their effect on candidate behavior. Do candidates and their campaigns pull ads evaluated unfavorably by the media?

Date:  Thursday, October 18th
Time: 12pm
Place: Allbritton 103

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