Voter Registration: Deadline Next Tuesday, WSA Will Deliver Forms

For those of you who missed it, the WSA sent out an extensive email earlier today reminding people that the mail-in deadline to register to vote in Connecticut is this coming Tuesday, October 23rd, along with instructions on how to register to vote. Copied below the jump is the email in full.

On a more personalized note: no joke, everyone, GET OUT AND VOTE. There is more at stake in this election than just the presidential seat (think Senate, House, and future Supreme Court appointees), so whether you vote in Connecticut or your home state, your vote will matter. That being said, be an informed voter when you arrive at the polls on November 6th.

WSA Emails = TL;DR: if you haven’t registered anywhere else yet, or are still waiting on your absentee ballot, seriously consider registering to vote in Connecticut before the October 23rd mail-in deadline (or the October 30th walk-in deadline, at the latest).

Now, for instructions on how to properly get yourself registered to vote:

Dear Student,

Voter and absentee ballot registration deadlines for the November 2012 Elections are fast approaching. If you are concerned that you will be unable to vote by absentee ballot in your home state or you are not yet registered to vote anywhere, you may want to consider registering to vote in Connecticut so that you can cast a vote for this election.

The Connecticut voter registration deadlines are Tuesday, October 23rd (mail-in deadline) or Tuesday, October 30th (in-person drop-off deadline). The WSA is willing to deliver a registration form to City Hall for you before the mail-in deadline of Tuesday, October 23rd.

In order to register to vote in Connecticut, please read the following instructions carefully.

Please note:

  • If you fill the form out before Tuesday, October 23rd, drop it in the Voter Registration dropbox at the first floor mail window in Usdan or in the dropbox located in the WSA Offices. The form will be delivered to City Hall for you by a member of the WSA or University Administration.
  • If you complete the form after Tuesday, October 23rd, you must drop it off in-person at City Hall (245 deKoven Drive) before Tuesday, October 30th.

If you would like to vote in Connecticut and are not yet registered anywhere:

  • Print a registration form by clicking here. Write legibly.
  • Check the “New Voter Registration” box.
  • In section 4, include the last four digits of your SSN.
  • In section 5, put your current housing address (with 06457 as the zip code) as your residency. In you do not know your housing address, click here to find it.
  • In section 6, put 45 Wyllys Ave, Wesbox #, Middletown, CT, 06459 in the mailing address section.

If you are registered in another state and wish to vote in-person in Connecticut:

  • Follow the above instructions.
  • In section 10, write the address of your previous voting location.

If you registered to vote in Connecticut in a previous election cycle:

  • The Middletown Registrars of Voters are changing current housing addresses for all Wesleyan students, so you do not need to send in an address change form. However, there is a chance that your voting location has been changed due your new housing situation. You will be notified of your Election Day voting location in the coming weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: You may not vote by absentee ballot in your home state while also voting in-person in Connecticut — voting twice during the same election cycle is a felony.

If you have any questions regarding voter registration, email wsa[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

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  2. Marina

    Hmm, I wrote a long comment for students abroad and it got deleted. :-(
    …anyway if you study abroad, no matter which state you are from, go to Youth Vote Overseas to look up your stte specific deadlines and options to send your overseas voter registration/ballot request form back to your election office – just one form for citizens abroad :-) . Connecticut and several other states let you fax or email them home! I’m not including any links this time, as that may be the reason my comment wasn’t accepted. Just add dot org to our name

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