BandCampWes: José María Buendía Drops EP, “El Ruido de Las Cosas”

Straight from grad student José María Buendía comes the heartfelt songs on his new EP, El Ruido de Las Cosas (“The Sound of Things”). Imagine that you just woke up and your window is open. Through the window shoots the most beautiful sunbeam and while the sun is shining, butterflies are aflutter, and life couldn’t get any closer to being a montage full of happy moments and interactions with other happy people, and you get to listen to what I think is the equivalence of a permanent youthful smile… and it’s all in Spanish!

According to Jose Buendía:

‘El Ruido de Las Cosas’ is a song collection full of natural melodies, with acoustic arrangements. I’ve tried to record the songs naked, unadulterated… The songs are very introspective.”

Click past the jump for BandCamp embeds and a brief interview with Buendía.

How long have you been playing guitar/writing music?

I’ve been playing guitar for 9 years. I’ve been playing in bands, recording at my home studio, producing music for other people.

Who are your influences?

My influences are Spanish artists like Quique Gonzalez, Joaquin Sabina, Pereza, Enrique Urquijo, and American musicians such as Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, and Lucinda Williams.

What inspired you to make this album?

I wanted to release these songs, as naked as possible, without any ornaments… This is the way the songs were born and this is how I wanted them in my album.

How does (if it does at all) your heritage influence the music you make?

I give a lot of importance to the lyrics. Because of that, the songs in Spanish are very influential. However, I try speak about those things that affect me, and here I am not influenced by anybody.

Favorite Tracks:

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