Wesleying Sports Desk Presents: Amherst vs Wesleyan, a Football Liveblog

Disclaimer: our bloggers have never liveblogged a, err, umm, sporting event before.

Welcome to Homecoming/Family Weekend 2012! Wesleying will be liveblogging the Amherst vs. Wesleyan sports game. Our reporters inform us the sport is the game of football. According to the Hartford Courant, Wesleyan’s football team is undefeated 4-0 for the first time since 1998. This is a big deal! “”Amherst has been in big games before and you know those kids aren’t going to get rattled,” Coach Whalen told the Courant. “They have the experience factor, but we have a lot of kids who have continued to make plays.”

In collaboration with WesPregame, we’ll also be livestreaming the action after the jump. You can follow their webcast online here, or just click past the jump. (The livestream will load automatically.)

Read more to see the livefeed, liveblog updates, and photos.

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Zach October 20, 20124:18 PM

Game over! Wesleyan lost 17 – 9 (I think) to Amherst.

hermes October 20, 20122:44 PM

Well guys, it’s been real.
Unfortunately I am signing off to take mother dearest around the campus.
Which means that Wesleying is (probs) signing off.

If you happen to see someone carrying a laptop around the library sale, send a hug or a high five my way.

hermes October 20, 20122:42 PM

Guys, can we amp up the coverage? Please?

hermes October 20, 20122:41 PM

Ouch, Amherst got a first down.

hermes October 20, 20122:41 PM

Another “defense” chant.

hermes October 20, 20122:39 PM

Way off.
Never mind.

hermes October 20, 20122:38 PM

Time for a field goal?

hermes October 20, 20122:38 PM

Damn. No touchdown.

hermes October 20, 20122:35 PM

Some Wes dude just ran that shit down the field.
Hell yeah.

hermes October 20, 20122:33 PM

Our band is playing “Hava Nagila.”
Oh my goodness.
I think I’m in love.

hermes October 20, 20122:30 PM

Kicker punted it to the 2-yard line…otherwise known as 2 yards too short.

hermes October 20, 20122:29 PM

In other news, smoke is still stinging my lungs.
And my mother is pissed that we had another ball fumbling.

hermes October 20, 20122:28 PM

Currently chatting it up with Kate “Keepin’ it Klassy” Cullen ’16. What a stud muffin.

hermes October 20, 20122:25 PM

Another, another update: things are happening.

hermes October 20, 20122:20 PM

Another update: nothing is happening.

hermes October 20, 20122:19 PM

Oh no, the mysterious banner is gone.

hermes October 20, 20122:15 PM

Update from my poor mother trying to read the PAC banner: “I figured it out! It says, ‘Don’t mate’!”

hermes October 20, 20122:14 PM

Reminder from the announcer: there’s a library book sale.

Zach October 20, 20122:12 PM

Speaking of random alumni/celebrity connections, an alum just saw my The Fall/Bend Sinister t-shirt and bragged that his band opened for The Fall in the ’80s. Track this dude down for some quality storytelling.

Zach October 20, 20122:11 PM

Spotted: M. Roth in the stands. Pic via Middletown Patch.

hermes October 20, 20122:10 PM

Amhert’s purple and white uniforms that remind my mother of Tinky Winky: -1
Wesleyan fumbling multiple balls: -1
The dude who’s in the Wesleyan mascot costume walking around in 70+ degree weather: +5
Wesleyan alum who knows PSY: over 9,000
The fact that the Amherst students don’t go to Wes: -10,000

Final unofficial halftime score:
Wesleyan: 9,004
Amherst: -10,001

Zach October 20, 20122:08 PM

Meanwhile, in Usdan, here’s a pic of more students informing parents/alumni about Wesleyan’s financial aid changes.

hermes October 20, 20122:05 PM

The halftime show!

hermes October 20, 20122:05 PM

We got it! 3 points!

hermes October 20, 20122:04 PM

Sebastian Aguirre ’14 (#94) is up to kick…apparently…

hermes October 20, 20122:02 PM

Field goal coming up.

hermes October 20, 20122:01 PM


hermes October 20, 20122:00 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:59 PM

The English translation of the first couple lines of “Gangnam Style:”
A girl who is warm and humanly during the day,
A classy girl who knows how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee,
A girl whose heart gets hotter when night comes,
A girl with that kind of twist.

Shit, that’s why I’m not getting all the males. I don’t know how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee.

hermes October 20, 20121:57 PM

In other news, we’re not doing too hot in this game.
More balls lost.

hermes October 20, 20121:56 PM

He’s explaining to us what “Gangnam Style” means.

hermes October 20, 20121:55 PM

The 2002 alum (who wishes to remain unnamed) KNOWS PSY.

Zach October 20, 20121:55 PM

Seriously, guys. Don’t fornicate. This is an upstanding Methodist institution.

Zach October 20, 20121:55 PM

Oh, and here’s the PAC banner that has apparently been misread as “DON’T FORNICATE.”

Zach October 20, 20121:54 PM

We finally have photos of the banner drops. Here’s the Usdan one.

hermes October 20, 20121:52 PM

Me: So, what’s your take on the football game?
Wesleyan alum ’02: Uhhh, I do know anything about football.

Zach October 20, 20121:50 PM

Man, after those past few debates I’m really disappointed that The Nation isn’t providing a live fact check on this sporting event.

hermes October 20, 20121:50 PM

Random student walking past me: “Does that banner say, ‘Don’t fornicate?'”

hermes October 20, 20121:49 PM

Ah, thank you Zach.

hermes October 20, 20121:48 PM

10 points and the balls we keep fumbling to the first person who can tell me what the banner says…

Zach October 20, 20121:48 PM

Pretty sure that banner reads “DON’T DISCRIMINATE.” It’s hanging (sort of) from the top floor of PAC.

hermes October 20, 20121:47 PM

My mother’s take on the banner: “It’s a total fumble. All I can read is ‘Don’t.’ Don’t what?”

hermes October 20, 20121:46 PM

Those Wesleyan activists are at it again.

hermes October 20, 20121:46 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:45 PM

Little late there justice…

justice October 20, 20121:45 PM

Just noticed we’re losing by 7 points. Damn!

Zach October 20, 20121:44 PM

Shout-out to all these salivating dogs in the crowd. More proof that Wesleyan really needs an official university dog-in-residence.

hermes October 20, 20121:44 PM

Another ball fumbled.

hermes October 20, 20121:43 PM

This is getting desperate.

hermes October 20, 20121:42 PM

Wesleyan football players, you’re letting your balls get away!

Zach October 20, 20121:42 PM

Protest banner drop spotted outside Usdan! The banner reads “DON’T CUT AID.” Will have photos soon.

hermes October 20, 20121:42 PM

Something about #27…?

hermes October 20, 20121:40 PM

Mother dearest is growing restless.

hermes October 20, 20121:39 PM

So…anyone got any good knock knock jokes?

hermes October 20, 20121:36 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:35 PM

Took him down. My mother is excited.

hermes October 20, 20121:34 PM

Sacked him.
Good at ya, bro.

hermes October 20, 20121:33 PM

Ahhhh, fumble…

hermes October 20, 20121:33 PM

Wayne Ng ’16 says, “Wesleyan’s the bestleyan…and ‘treat yo self 2016’!!”
Congrats Wayne, you’ve made it into two liveblogs.

hermes October 20, 20121:31 PM

Multiple balls left hanging…

hermes October 20, 20121:30 PM

We’re having a difficult time hanging on to the ball today…

hermes October 20, 20121:29 PM

Eh, overshot.

hermes October 20, 20121:28 PM

Well said, justice, well said.

justice October 20, 20121:28 PM

The quarter is over and were still tied! Woo we’re not losing!

hermes October 20, 20121:27 PM

According to mother dearest: “Oh no, we should’ve had that…”
Guys, we didn’t have that. And we should have.

hermes October 20, 20121:25 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:23 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:22 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:22 PM

My mother trash talking Amherst: “That Amherst purple is the color of that purple Teletubby. Tinky Winky. The one with the man purse.”

justice October 20, 20121:21 PM

I’m.surprisey that so many Amherst supporters came out

hermes October 20, 20121:20 PM

Question from my mother: how many liberal arts schools use a generic purple as one of their team colors?

hermes October 20, 20121:19 PM

And thus starts a mild “defense” cheer.

hermes October 20, 20121:19 PM

Ouch, Amherst overthrew.

justice October 20, 20121:17 PM

Amhersts colors are not so intimidating

hermes October 20, 20121:17 PM

All right, stopped him, but Amherst has the ball.

hermes October 20, 20121:17 PM


hermes October 20, 20121:16 PM

My mother: “Your school has…CHEERLEADERS…?”

justice October 20, 20121:16 PM

I believe Wesleyan is attempting to score points, but I can’t be sure.

Zach October 20, 20121:15 PM

“Let’s go Cardinals! Let’s go Cardinals!” Pretty sure I hear M. Roth’s voice in that chant.

hermes October 20, 20121:15 PM

I’m on the second floor Usdan patio if anyone wants to wave at me and give me food…

Zach October 20, 20121:13 PM

First down Cardinals! (What does that mean?)

hermes October 20, 20121:13 PM

Side props to my mother who has agreed to be my football translator.

hermes October 20, 20121:10 PM

New complaint: there’s no Wifi on Andrus. This is an outrage!

Zach October 20, 20121:08 PM

An incomplete! That’s gonna show up on his academic history.

Zach October 20, 20121:08 PM

According to WesPregame, “last time these two teams met was October 22, 2011.”

Zach October 20, 20121:07 PM

Someone named “Gibson” has the ball. Repeat: someone named “Gibson” has the ball.

Zach October 20, 20121:06 PM

I can never get over the fact that they call this “Corwin Stadium.” It’s right across from the Second Stage Amphitheatre, you know?

hermes October 20, 20121:02 PM

All right I got this. What’s up guys?!

hermes October 20, 20121:02 PM

Finally arrived. Kind of.

Zach October 20, 20121:01 PM

And we’re off! Amherst swarms the field.

Zach October 20, 20121:01 PM

Shout-out to our pep band! You’d think they’d have figured out the “Kids” riff by now, though.