Liveblog: Presidential Debate #3

We’re liveblogging the last one. Debate starts at 9. It’ll be like this and this. Maybe like this! All liveblog updates after the jump. 

Zach October 22, 201210:38 PM
A-Batte October 22, 201210:37 PM

Closing statement: whoever registered didn’t post during the debate. There’s nothing to live for. Bye.

Zach October 22, 201210:36 PM

Well, that’s that. We’re out. As always, for post-debate coverage, be sure to check The New York Times, The Onion, and See you all in 2016!

Zach October 22, 201210:33 PM

Romney: “I’ll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs… America is gonna come back, and for that to happen we have to have a president who can work across the aisle.”

Zach October 22, 201210:31 PM

“I want to make sure I develop [PAUSE] but also [PAUSE] oil and natural gas [PAUSE] but after a decade of war [PAUSE].” Thanks, WesStudent.

Zach October 22, 201210:30 PM
Zach October 22, 201210:29 PM

Romney: “That’s why it’s so critical that we make America once again the most attractive place in the world.” Oh, so that’s why he chose Ryan as his VP.

whoischarliesmith October 22, 201210:27 PM

So what did Mr. Romney say about the auto bailout?

A-Batte October 22, 201210:27 PM

“No, I am not wrong.” That sure showed him!

Zach October 22, 201210:27 PM

Wondering if Romney even knows the lyrics to “Detroit Rock City.”

Samira October 22, 201210:25 PM

“The people of Detroit don’t forget.” #neverforget

hermes October 22, 201210:25 PM

Obama pulling another Biden smirk.

whoischarliesmith October 22, 201210:25 PM

This debate is “the height of silliness”

Zach October 22, 201210:24 PM

Hey so if anyone has good photoshopped graphics of Romney riding around with horses and bayonets, just send them to me at thnx.

A-Batte October 22, 201210:23 PM

Way to kill it on ABC, @SumeriaSmith:

Drewski October 22, 201210:21 PM

Did anyone else hear the cameras going crazy taking pictures of Romney’s dumb hand gestures?

A-Batte October 22, 201210:20 PM

Zach called the Onion calling it, folks.

A-Batte October 22, 201210:19 PM
hermes October 22, 201210:18 PM

41 Wyllys is having some internet probs…

Zach October 22, 201210:16 PM

It’s official. The Onion wins the debate.

A-Batte October 22, 201210:16 PM

Love that I’m at a grand total of one fact check in my award-winning “FACT CHECK” series.

hermes October 22, 201210:15 PM

Drewski October 22, 201210:15 PM

Get ready for some vaguely xenophobic comments when it comes to China!

Zach October 22, 201210:14 PM
A-Batte October 22, 201210:14 PM

By the way, for anyone curious on what actual foreign countries have though about Obama’s foreign policy, see here. For an idea of what Romney’s foreign policy might be like, just watch a blooper reel.

Zach October 22, 201210:13 PM

Romney: “It’s widely reported that drones are being used in drone strikes and I support that entirely.” But who’s being killed by the drone strikes?

A-Batte October 22, 201210:13 PM

Crystal clear: Romney supports Obama’s drone policy “entirely”. At least it was asked…

Zach October 22, 201210:11 PM

Pretty sure Bob just said “Obama Bin Laden.”

Zach October 22, 201210:11 PM
A-Batte October 22, 201210:10 PM
Zach October 22, 201210:10 PM

Is it time to divorce Pakistan? Did we even sign a prenup?

A-Batte October 22, 201210:08 PM

still nothing at – somebody done fucked up.

Samira October 22, 201210:06 PM

Maybe this would help Mitt Romney redeem himself during this debate?

whoischarliesmith October 22, 201210:05 PM

Although there is no real difference between these two in terms of policy, Obama has won this debate and effectively framed Romney as inconsistent.

A-Batte October 22, 201210:04 PM
Zach October 22, 201210:03 PM

Obama tells story about conversation with daughter of 9/11 victim, concludes: “When we bring those who have harmed us to justice, that sends a message throughout world.”

Zach October 22, 201210:02 PM
justice October 22, 201210:01 PM



Zach October 22, 201210:01 PM

Obama: “Romney, o a whole range of issues, whether it’s the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, you’ve been all over the map.”

Samira October 22, 201210:01 PM

You all know that Jihad isn’t inherently violent right?

hermes October 22, 201210:00 PM

More “observations” by Romz.

Drewski October 22, 201210:00 PM

The only calls I get from the prime minister of Israel are booty calls

Zach October 22, 20129:59 PM

Say what you will about student activists, at least we don’t call it an “apology tour” when Roth flies to LA and begs for money.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:59 PM

“Green Revolution brought up again. Would Romney really have done anything differently?” Great summary of foreign policy tonight so far.

Zach October 22, 20129:58 PM
Samira October 22, 20129:58 PM

Romney: By the way, Obama, Israel is insulted that you didn’t RSVP to dinner a few months back

A-Batte October 22, 20129:57 PM

@justice: back off of Iran and stop financing Israeli militarism, especially since Iran hasn’t been trying to make nuclear weapons since the early 2000s.

Zach October 22, 20129:57 PM
Drewski October 22, 20129:56 PM

Does Burger King get some sort of royalties because Obama said Whopper?

Samira October 22, 20129:55 PM

Obama: Nothing Governor Romney has said is true. #horsesandbayonets

Zach October 22, 20129:55 PM

Obama: “Nothing Governor Romney just said is true. Starting with this notion of me apologizing. This has been probably the biggest whopper that’s been told during this campaign.”

justice October 22, 20129:54 PM

Green Revolution brought up again. Would Romney really have done anything differently?

justice October 22, 20129:53 PM

They’re both being so civil.

justice October 22, 20129:53 PM

I am learning nothing from this debate.

Zach October 22, 20129:52 PM

Okay, this is the third consecutive debate Heems has spent solely retweeting other people tweeting things about how the candidates smell.

Drewski October 22, 20129:52 PM

Thankfully ABC doesn’t feel the need to show us where Russia and China are on a map like they do with Syria and Iran

justice October 22, 20129:51 PM

@A-Batte what would you suggest we do in place of sanctions or military action?

Samira October 22, 20129:51 PM

via The Economist:

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:51 PM

What’s the deal with airline food? Am I right?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:50 PM

Peaceful and diplomatic means, like starving people to death? Fuck sanctions.

Drewski October 22, 20129:50 PM

“I would tighten those sanctions” #RomneyPillowtalk

Zach October 22, 20129:50 PM

“What is the deal…” That should be the full question posed to Romney and Obama. “WHAT IS THE DEAL?”

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:48 PM

Do you think if we traded with other countries rather than sanctioning and invading them that they might be less likely to build nukes?

Zach October 22, 20129:48 PM

Romney just used the phrase “we have their back,” because some savvy political handler told him that’s what all the groovy kids are saying these days.

Zach October 22, 20129:47 PM
Samira October 22, 20129:47 PM

Apparently the US and Israel are carrying out the greatest military exercise in history this week. That’s scary…

A-Batte October 22, 20129:47 PM has been snapped up. Stay tuned for updates.

Zach October 22, 20129:47 PM

Obama: “A nuclear Iran is a threat to our national security and it’s a threat do Israel’s national security.”

hermes October 22, 20129:46 PM

Zach: I think he said “region”?

Zach October 22, 20129:46 PM

Obama: “Israel is a true friend. It’s our greatest ally in the [couldn’t hear that word].”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:45 PM

“We visited the website quite a bit. And it still didn’t work.” Now there’s a problem Americans everywhere can connect with.

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:45 PM

Horses and bayonets comment is the best line of the night. That’s a line that could define tomorrow’s new cycle

Zach October 22, 20129:45 PM

Question: “Is an attack on Israel an attack on the United States?”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:45 PM still available!

justice October 22, 20129:45 PM

Obama’s getting SASSY!

Zach October 22, 20129:44 PM
A-Batte October 22, 20129:44 PM


hermes October 22, 20129:44 PM

Can someone keep track of the number of times Obama blinks per minute?
He’s going cray cray right now.

justice October 22, 20129:43 PM

Balancing a company’s budget is nowhere near the same as balancing the budget for the largest economy in the world.

Samira October 22, 20129:43 PM

Romney, talking about the Olympics all the time doesn’t make you an athlete!

A-Batte October 22, 20129:42 PM
Samira October 22, 20129:42 PM

Obama: The math simply doesn’t work
Romney: MA 4th graders can figure it out!

justice October 22, 20129:42 PM

Shakey math, Mr. Romney. Shakey math.

Zach October 22, 20129:41 PM

Trying to watch this debate on WesStudent is like trying to watch a livestream on really shitty internet. Oh wait.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:41 PM

Definitely thought I just heard “work with our drunk Chiefs of Staff”, which seems about right.

justice October 22, 20129:40 PM


A-Batte October 22, 20129:40 PM


Zach October 22, 20129:40 PM

Obama: “We spend more on our military than the next ten countries combined.”

hermes October 22, 20129:40 PM

A-Batte October 22, 20129:40 PM

Romney was absolutely glowing talking about these kids. Is he a real human being?

Zach October 22, 20129:40 PM

“We’ll take that health care program for the poor and we can…” Definitely thought Romney was going to end that sentence differently.

Samira October 22, 20129:38 PM


Drewski October 22, 20129:37 PM

Romney is so needy

hermes October 22, 20129:37 PM

Oh, Bob.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:37 PM

Jell said, wustice.

hermes October 22, 20129:37 PM

Well said, justice.

Samira October 22, 20129:37 PM
A-Batte October 22, 20129:36 PM

Honest Barry, pointing out that Romney and himself are at the very top. Unexpected.

justice October 22, 20129:36 PM

This is now a recap of debates one and two.

hermes October 22, 20129:36 PM

Zach October 22, 20129:36 PM

Obama referenced “small businesses.” *takes shot*

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:35 PM

Wait is this a foreign policy debate or a domestic policy debate?

hermes October 22, 20129:35 PM


hermes October 22, 20129:34 PM

More economy = MORE MEMES

hermes October 22, 20129:34 PM

By the way, I’m digging these YouTube “unscientific polls.”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:34 PM


hermes October 22, 20129:33 PM

Speaking of random tangents about economic policy…

A-Batte October 22, 20129:33 PM

I’m realizing that I could probably do just as well or better at liveblogging by solely clipping Twitter greatest hits.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:32 PM

It’s hilarious that Romney is the only one who can deliver criticism of Obama’s foreign policy right now, but yeah, being silent on the Green Revolution in Iran is not exactly a good look.

Zach October 22, 20129:31 PM
A-Batte October 22, 20129:31 PM
Zach October 22, 20129:30 PM

Romney: “When there are elections, people tend to vote for peace. They don’t vote for war.” Tell that to McGovern. Wait, you can’t. He’s dead.

justice October 22, 20129:30 PM

Is anyone seeing a clear winner? Does anyone even give a shit about this debate? Who am I watching, anyway? What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.

Zach October 22, 20129:30 PM
A-Batte October 22, 20129:30 PM

>principles that make the world more peaceful
>american foreign policy

Alright there, Mitt.

Samira October 22, 20129:29 PM

Question: What is America’s role in the world? That’ll get into the specifics

A-Batte October 22, 20129:29 PM


Zach October 22, 20129:29 PM

We have forty-two allies and friends around the world, according to Mitt. Foreign policy is just like Facebook!

hermes October 22, 20129:29 PM

Good call, Bobby.

Zach October 22, 20129:29 PM

Romney: “We need to have strong allies!”

justice October 22, 20129:28 PM

How did we get back onto domestic policy?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:28 PM

Oh man, Romney for peace. Didn’t expect that.

hermes October 22, 20129:28 PM

Another Romney slip…

Zach October 22, 20129:28 PM

I guess technically I’m probably not a lifelong Pablo Honey apologist, considering I was born in 1990.

Zach October 22, 20129:27 PM

As a lifelong Pablo Honey apologist, that @RomneyDad tweet made me chortle aloud.

Samira October 22, 20129:27 PM

Obama: What’s going to make the Egyptian rev successful is if those young people are seeing opportunities. Like internetz!

Zach October 22, 20129:27 PM
A-Batte October 22, 20129:26 PM
justice October 22, 20129:26 PM

Adriana Brau-Diaz ’16 says: “I would watch the debate, but I’m voting Jill Stein. Green Party 2012!”

Zach October 22, 20129:25 PM

Obama: “These countries can’t develop unless young women are given the education that they need.” Apparently he knows where the swing vote’s at.

Zach October 22, 20129:25 PM

Obama referenced JFK. What Romney won’t say in response: “I knew Jack Kennedy. I served with Jack Kennedy. You, sir, are no Jack Kennedy.”

Samira October 22, 20129:24 PM

Remember this guy? :

Zach October 22, 20129:24 PM
A-Batte October 22, 20129:23 PM


Zach October 22, 20129:23 PM

Just realized we can have a conversation via liveblog. Sup Anwar how was yr day man.

Zach October 22, 20129:22 PM

I’m watching CNN, Kofi Ananwar Batte. What network are you guys watching?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:21 PM

I’m just going to take a second to appreciate the artful and simple appeal of the image heading this post. Two beautiful men.

Samira October 22, 20129:21 PM

Romney: “when Assad…excuse me Kofi Annan”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:20 PM

It’s becoming clear that whatever we’re watching in 41 Wyllys is behind whatever Zach’s watching – he’s posted at least two things said before they were done talking.

Drewski October 22, 20129:20 PM

I love his frosty gray temple hair

justice October 22, 20129:20 PM

How do we make sure we put the arms in the right hands? And how do we make sure they stay in the right hands? We can’t repeat the mistakes we made in Afghanistan 20 years ago

Zach October 22, 20129:20 PM

Romney: “I believe that Assad must go.”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:19 PM

“arms that get into the wrong hands”

Zach October 22, 20129:19 PM
justice October 22, 20129:19 PM

@whoischarliesmith Syria gets to decide its own future because we want an excuse for not helping the rebels (other than that they don’t have oil)

Zach October 22, 20129:18 PM
whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:18 PM

Mr. Obama why does Syria get to decide its own future but not Libya?

Zach October 22, 20129:17 PM

Obama: “We’re going to do everything we can to make sure we are helping the opposition [in Syria]. But for us to get more tangled militarily in Syria is a serious step.”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:17 PM

sagely advice?

justice October 22, 20129:16 PM

I’m glad we’re talking about Syria. There’s some real bad shit going on over there and we need to focus on it more.

Drewski October 22, 20129:16 PM

Romney’s puppy eyes. Aggravating or enchanting?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:16 PM

aaaand Israel. Hot dog.

hermes October 22, 20129:16 PM

Side note: did anyone notice that Romney’s tie is red and PURPLE?

Zach October 22, 20129:16 PM

According to my dad, “Barack has had ear reduction surgery.” What do you think? Was it a secret surgery at sea, like Grover Cleveland had?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:15 PM

Whoa, did not expect Romney to drop my (it’s mine) fact check on Obama trying to leave troops in Iraq.

hermes October 22, 20129:15 PM

Obama starting pulling a Joe Biden smirk…

justice October 22, 20129:15 PM

OH SHIT. Romney beating Obama down. Things are not looking good for Barack.

Samira October 22, 20129:14 PM

let’s all just talk over each other ksjbsrawharawwhrawwrhh

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:14 PM

Obama and Romney: The choice between more intervention in the Middle East and more intervention in the Middle East

A-Batte October 22, 20129:14 PM

Yo, I would totally consider voting for Mitt Romney if at press conferences, everyone laughed whenever he spoke, just like this room. It’s pretty fun.

justice October 22, 20129:14 PM

Wow, Romney on a high horse.

Drewski October 22, 20129:13 PM

Can we bring back Donna Brazile?!

Zach October 22, 20129:13 PM

Romney would look pretty cute in rose-colored glasses.

Zach October 22, 20129:13 PM

I miss George McGovern.

hermes October 22, 20129:12 PM

Giggles erupt in 41 Wyllys over Obama’s first series of jabs at Mittens.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:12 PM

Oh man, ‘bama’s going to town on Mitt “John Kerry” Romney. What a hoot.

Zach October 22, 20129:12 PM

Obama politely informing Romney that the Cold War’s been over for twenty years.

justice October 22, 20129:12 PM

JK. Obama’s calling out Romney’s flip-flops.

justice October 22, 20129:11 PM

Neither candidate is being very aggressive.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:11 PM

Nick Kokkinis ’13 on the tweets appearing on screen: “Yo, is there any way to turn that shit off?”

justice October 22, 20129:11 PM

Romney bringing in the U.N. studies. Good for you, Romney.

hermes October 22, 20129:10 PM

Annnddd the twitter updates begin…aka the best part of presidential debates.

hermes October 22, 20129:10 PM

“My strategy is to go after the big guys…”
And how do you propose we do that, Romz?

Zach October 22, 20129:09 PM

Romney’s talking about “going after the bad guys.”

justice October 22, 20129:09 PM

Ah, I see. It’s as simple as going after the bad guys.

A-Batte October 22, 20129:08 PM

FACT CHECK ONE: Obama tried to extend the war in Iraq.

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20129:08 PM

I hate to muddy this debate with facts or history but Obama did not end the war in Iraq.

hermes October 22, 20129:07 PM

But Romz, what is your “comprehensive” strategy?

Zach October 22, 20129:07 PM

Obama: “My first job as commander-in-chief, Bob, is to keep the people safe… We’re now able to transition out of Afghanistan in a reasonable way.”

justice October 22, 20129:07 PM

Oh, so Egypt can’t have a president from the Muslim Brotherhood? Should we only promote democracy as long as the people vote in American-approved leaders?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:07 PM

“We can’t kill our way out of this mess.” That would be hilarious from either candidate on stage right now.

hermes October 22, 20129:06 PM

“We can’t kill our way out of this mess.”

A-Batte October 22, 20129:06 PM

what the fuck is an “al-Qaeda type”? this got silly, quickly.

hermes October 22, 20129:05 PM

Roms brought up women.
Uh oh.

Zach October 22, 20129:05 PM

“We were together at a humorous event a little earlier.” Did you guys go see ‘Here Comes the Boom’ together or something?

justice October 22, 20129:05 PM

“Maybe it’s nice to be funny this time– not on purpose…we’ll see.”

What does that even mean?

A-Batte October 22, 20129:05 PM already taken?

hermes October 22, 20129:05 PM

Why does Romney keep winning coin tosses?
Where are these magical coins??

Samira October 22, 20129:04 PM

Mitt Romney’s been coached on his facial expressions. I think it worked this time…so far

justice October 22, 20129:04 PM

Nice factoid, Schieffer

Zach October 22, 20129:04 PM

This is the 50th anniversary of the night we learned the Soviet Union had nuclear missiles in Cuba, which reminds me that my Bar Mitzvah was on the 40th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination. True story.

hermes October 22, 20129:03 PM

Oh goodness, Mittens is cheesing it hardcore.

justice October 22, 20129:03 PM

Bob Schieffer, good luck on not getting run over by the candidates

hermes October 22, 20129:02 PM

Ah, Bob is speaking.

hermes October 22, 20129:02 PM


Zach October 22, 20129:01 PM

@ThePresObama on Twitter: “I didn’t eat before the debate because I’m about to devour this dude. #debate”

Zach October 22, 20129:00 PM

Alright, officially taking bets. Is Obama gonna reference “binders full of women” or not?

justice October 22, 20129:00 PM

Is there some rule that foreign policy correspondents have to be super stereotypically nerdy?

hermes October 22, 20128:59 PM

Ouch, justice.

justice October 22, 20128:58 PM

I don’t think this debate really matters so much — there, I said it

hermes October 22, 20128:56 PM

And thus my night of political meme-ing begins.

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20128:45 PM

America, giant douche or turdsandwhich? You decide!

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20128:36 PM

whoischarliesmith October 22, 20128:23 PM

Ladies and gentlemen your moderator for the evening:

Samira October 22, 20128:12 PM

Here is another drinking game.