CCYAL First Meeting of the Semester

Do you wish you lived in a Roald Dahl novel? Is Captain Underpants still your favorite book to date? Jill Tan ’15 invites you to indulge in your passion for children’s literature:

CCYAL is back! If you are a writer, illustrator, or just love children’s books, come join the Collective for Children’s and Young Adult Literature (CCYAL@WES)! Work with other creative people and make your very own book at our weekly meetings, and come hang out with us and talk about the books you never stopped loving from childhood.

Illustrators, writers, and children’s book enthusiasts are all welcome. Bounce ideas off of your peers, participate in weekly free-writes, and experience what goes into creating a book. Hope to C-Y’AL there!

Date: Wednesday, October 24th
Time: 6 pm
Place: Shapiro Writing Center (167 High Street)
Cost: Free

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