One Day Marriage


From Sage Ryza:

Wanna get married but not looking for a long term commitment?

Wanna get married but don’t have a partner to wed?

Don’t worry, because you are now eligible to participate in the one day marriage experiment extravaganza.

We will have an initial meeting/ mass wedding this Thursday at 9 pm in the Hewitt 9 lounge.  At this ceremony you will be randomly paired with your one day husband/wife.  Then we will perform short wedding ceremonies including vows, dance to cheesy music, drink champagne, make toasts and receive wedding gifts.  You are encouraged to dress in formal attire/wedding wear.

The next day you will have to be married to your partner and spend time with them including but not limited to eating lunch and dinner together, holding hands in public and spending the night together (if you are comfortable with that).  No sexual activities will be required, although if you find yourself having feelings for each other you may engage in those activities with mutual consent. ;)

This will be a fun way to meet new friends and good practice for the future!

To RSVP or for more information please email sryza@wes.

Where: Hewitt 9 Lounge
When: Thursday, 9 pm
Why: Why not? Tie the knot!
FB event. 

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15 thoughts on “One Day Marriage

  1. Jesus

    From a facebook event at Cornell University by some Christian group –

    students at Wesleyan University are hosting a “One-Day Marriage” event
    where students are randomly paired up and have a fake marriage and
    ceremony and spend a day and night together as though they were actually
    married. There are no boundaries or lines so people can do whatever
    they want in these marriages.
    Here’s a link to the event.

    I believe the Lord is calling for intercession and fasting over this event to break the evil spirits of lust and promiscuity
    and strongholds that are over the campus and its students and expect
    for miracles and supernatural interventions to occur, even a spirit of
    conviction to fall over all who participate as the Holy Spirit reveals
    their sin and the disgusting perversion of holy and sacred communion
    that God intends marriage to be.

    This is an invitation to all
    of you who feel led to intercede for Wesleyan on the day, which is this
    Thursday (25th Oct) and battle alongside God’s army while the event is
    supposed to happen. At Cornell, we will be at Anabel Taylor 123 at
    8:30pm. If you are at another school, please join us in spirit or gather
    your own group to intercede/

    Thank you so much, dear brothers and sisters. Let us claim the victory that Jesus sacrificed everything for!!!”

      1. Devils Advocate

        Maybe they’re both male, but the one in the dress doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes and feels prettier in a dress.

    1. omgsoignorant

      and seriously none of the bears have what society calls a physical disability? is this post implying those with physical impairments cant marry?

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