Area Man Raps About Connecticut’s Many Attractions

“Downtown Middletown, with the insane / Wesleyan girls, they got great brains.”

Have you heard of Joey Batts? Self-proclaimed “live entertainer & genius,” Joseph Battaglia aka Joey Batts has performed in various rap ensembles around southern New England since 2004. His newest project, Joey Batts and Them, is an outfit that might be compared to Josh Smith & The Concert G’s, only because both groups consist of a lead vocalist and a backing band.

Batts’ personal website mentions that he teaches creative writing at Hartford Public High—and this is a most noble service to the community—but it seems he may have run out of creativity on his recent release, the aptly titled “860”. Paean to all things Connecticut (Westfarms Mall, Bradley Airport), “860” is an essentially four minutes of AABB rhyme-yelling over heavy guitar riffs and the only drum beat your kid brother knows how to play. Lyrical vacuity and noise pollution notwithstanding, this song deserves our attention long enough for us to hear Batts say: “Wesleyan girls, they got great brains.” I’m not 100% sure there isn’t innuendo in this line, but I won’t parse it.

Not too much else to say about music like this. Perhaps Batts’ time is better spent in the classroom (or in performing, as he often does in Hartford). His attempt to give the Nutmeg State more exposure in the rap scene is appreciated, but really, Joey, need we remind you of our state slogan, Fuck Connecticut?

[Author’s edit: This post has drawn a fair amount of rebuke. I don’t mean to mock Batts or his music. His aesthetic definitely befits a concert setting, so a canned song like “860” leaves much to be desired – to me. “Homegrown CT hip hop needs more love not haters.” I agree, and would recommend artists like Apathy and Elvee (who hails from Middletown). I don’t think “Wesleyan girls, they got great brains” is innocuous or a “friendly shout-out,” but that’s just one person’s opinion. I apologize to those who feel this criticism is undue.]

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26 thoughts on “Area Man Raps About Connecticut’s Many Attractions

  1. Smarter than you, clearly.

    Just curious…when’s the last time Wesleyan got any respect in any genre of music whatsoever? Oh, what’s that you say? Never. And here’s a band trying to shout out Connecticut, which no one ever does. Your “boy” Apathy doesn’t. Y’all don’t even have a sports team that’s recognized. And here’s this guy, reppin’ the Whalers, trying to give props to a city and state he loves. Been to one of his shows? People go crazy for the shout outs to places and people they know. Watched him perform at Wesleyan? Probably not. But you can hide behind your computer and review the band? Because what? He said the girls here have great brains and not the dudes? Clearly they don’t. Walk around campus. Y’all nerds are lame. Be thankful anyone mentioned you at all, fake Yale. You’re not gonna get much better than that. Especially considering that you don’t know the difference between a double entendre and an innuendo, you moron. Go back to class.

  2. Shyela Maria

    Hey.. tuna..You Suck!…now that wasn’t nice was it…(you shouldn’t be so mean)…That being said…Stop being a Hater and get back to class..better yet head up to HTFD and really get schooled on music….REAL-TYPE-REAL-TALK…

  3. Fuck CT?

    Fuck YOU and your smug superiority complex. Oh, wait- I forgot that your $60,000/year education makes you the clear authority on everything- especially CT rappers rapping about CT. Maybe you should write an essay about it.

  4. you hate ct

    The fact you said fuck CT makes me want to hit you. courtesy of Crooked Mindz. CT hip hop all day

  5. CT wah- wah

    Let’s judge a group or MC on the strength of one song! While we’re at it, let’s also trash the state we’re living in so we come off as a non-contributing whiny angsty teenage douchebag!

  6. Frank Riv

    this is the worst garbage review ive ever read. I hope you get five flats tommorow on the freeway and no one comes to your aid you cock juggling thunder cunt.
    Truly yours, Frank Riv

  7. Jeff

    I personally really enjoy his music, especially the CT song. I mean, I would trust Joey B to bring back the Whale!

  8. Rookie

    I love the author doesn’t even have enough professionalism to post their name to this! Plus if you notice the video posted is mostly freestyle. “Wesleyan authors, they got no balls”

  9. Era

    It wouldn’t be art if there weren’t haters. Joey, you got it goin’ on brotha. Keep up the hard work!

  10. Why all the hate?

    This is mean. The guy’s just trying to make some fun music. You don’t have to go all Pitchfork on him.

  11. tuna Post author

    “Homegrown CT hip hop needs more love not haters.” I agree, and would recommend rappers like Apathy: and Elvee, who hails from Middletown.
    I don’t think “Wesleyan girls, they got great brains” is innocuous or a “friendly shout-out,” but maybe that’s just me.
    This post is merely an opinion of one song.

  12. B.on DBeat

    Ditto. Homegrown CT hip hop needs more love not haters. Wes appreciates the shoutout. This track is a little better.

  13. dat aint right

    yeah why are we mocking this dude, even if he sucks? wesleying isn’t a music review site… and this makes us look like dicks….

  14. 2016

    hey I don’t think it’s half bad, that would’ve been a fun show to go to. fuck you man, do you get off on making fun of peoples’ music on the internet?

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