BandCampWes: Featherwood Bee Drop EP

“Drink your school. Stay in drugs. Don’t do milk.”

Featherwood Bee is a group of lads that make rock music. They played at Yale last week, opened for R. Stevie Moore last month, and are opening an Aural Wes-curated show at Eclectic tonight, along with Yeoman’s Omen. Featherwood Bee’s rock/folk sound is infectious, so much so that it’s been hailed as “Partywave,” “MellowWave,” and “Bath Salts Rock” (by drummer Adam Johnson ’14). Also of note, all band members claim to have watched PBS as kids, so you know they’re nice and wholesome. Check out their eponymous two-song EP after the jump, along with a nifty poem and an interview with drummer and hype man Adam.

“Have you ever heard of Featherwood Bee?

There’s no such thing as a featherwood bee!

Featherwood Bee has a new EP!

Oh me oh my, oh my oh me!”.

– Kelly Lee

They’re musicians, not poets. To help explain the significance of this EP, we enlisted the help of Adam Johnson ’14, whom we interviewed via Facebook Chat™.

SH: Describe Featherwood Bee’s musical influences.

AJ: The Beatles. Tame Impala. Jimi Hendrix. Carrie Underwood. Barack Obama.

SH: So you’re telling me Romney doesn’t influence your music at all? 

AJ: No. He does not.

SH: So why should people listen to your EP?

AJ: We all lived in California this summer and worked on it there, while we wrote a recipe for Vegan World Peace.

SH: How is Vegan World Peace different from plain old world peace?

AJ: No dairy products. Its also gluten free. Kelly is allergic to gluten. He has gluten disease.

SH: What motivates you guys?

AJ: We really like seeing people have a good time while they are looking at us. Kelly is mostly in it for the girls.

There you have it. “Old Rocker,” the first song on the EP was written by John Ryan, and “Cool Toys” was written by Kelly Lee. Both are great.

Featherwood Bee is comprised of:

Ben Gottesman ’13 (bass), Adam Johnson ’14-’17 (drums), Kelly Lee ’14 (guitar, vocals) and John Ryan ’14 (lead guitar, vocals).

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