Weather Report: Will “Frankenstorm” One-Up the Snowpocalypse?

Many of you non-freshmen (with one possible exception) may remember last year’s cataclysm that closed school and is now referred to affectionately as the “Snowpocalypse.” It was a terrifying time, filled with stories of hardship and the need to adapt to post-apocalyptic living standards. Yet even during the worst days of of isolation there were still small, heartwarming moments of compassion that allowed us to make it through the trying times.

Just in time for Halloween and the first anniversary of that fateful storm, a new terror looms on the horizon. This is not a drill, not a conspiracy, not a troll. The Frankenstorm is coming. It is currently predicted to hit the day before Halloween (Tuesday), and there’s already speculation about potential blackouts affecting ballot casting in areas where early voting is occurring.

The New York Times reports that Hurricane “Sandy” has the potential to become a “perfect storm,” the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1991. CBS News provides a great video breakdown of just why we’re so totally fucked (again).

More detailed information is included below, but the basic ingredients to this phenomena that the NY Times and other publications are referring to as a “Frankenstorm”  include:

  1. A category 2 hurricane currently in the Carribean and moving northward.
  2. A storm system now over the center of the country approaching New England from the West that will draw the hurricane inward.
  3. A high pressure “road block” across the Atlantic that will push the hurricane towards land from the East.

Media obsession with puns aside, whether this is merely an ironic and (potentially) deadly coincidence, or in fact a cosmic reminder that 2012 really is the end of the world, I know I’m not waiting around until Sunday to stock up on non-perishables from Weshop.

If you feel like sharing, leave your favorite stories or pieces of advice from the Snowpocalypse in the comments below. Mine was walking home to Clark Hall after blowing out the emergency power in the Nics Lounge after groups of us had created a miniature shantytown surrounding power-splitters plugged into other power-splitters, only to discover half the residents of 200 Church living in a refugee camp in the lounge.

Happy Halloween, Wesleyan. And brace yourselves… Here’s more detail from the New York Times:

Hurricane Sandy, which on Thursday was barreling through the Bahamas as a Category 2 storm, may be taking aim at the northeastern United States and could make landfall along the Atlantic coast early next week. If so, forecasters say, the storm could become, to use a technical term from meteorology, a whopper.

“It really could be an extremely significant, historic storm,” said Brian McNoldy, a senior research associate at the University of Miami, explaining that conditions are similar to those that created the famous “perfect storm” of 1991.

The chain of events that would make Hurricane Sandy develop into a grave threat to the coast involves a storm system known as a midlatitude trough that is moving across the country from the west. If the systems meet up, as many computer models predict, the storm over land could draw the hurricane in.

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  3. jijjjj

    apparently when the hurricane reaches nyc there will be a full moon, causing the waves to freak the fuck out. ny could have serious damage

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