Psi U: Back from the Dead

From Evan Scarlett ’14:

Remember those guys at that place on high street where you had a good, clean, wholesome time during orientation? Well… they’re BAAAAAAAAACK.

This Saturday night Psi U rises from the dead and is back to business as usual.

Siren, Northpaw, The Taste, DeVexo and Igbee are going to be here to play sweet tunes and get wild and so should you.

Feel free to dress halloween themed/zombie themed/no theme. We won’t discriminate.-THE ACTS-

Siren is what happens when ten androgynous musicians simultaneously access their sassy, feminine sides. ooooooo come see what happens.

Sass queens include:
Raechel Rosen ’15 – singer
Jesse Lieman- Sifry ’15 – guitar
Justin Friedman ’16 – guitar
Jarrod Hangley ’15 – drums
Jacob Masters ’15 – keys
Jack Singer ’15 – bass
Sam Sontag ’14 – percussion
Rachel Pradilla ’15 – vox
Annie Maxwell ’15 – vox
Sue Greenblatt ’16 – vox

** Siren will also be featuring T$ as well as other guest rappers **

Northpaw is one word – Juicy. Their horn-y rhythmists mix a cocktail of rock, funk, hip-hop and tasty jams. The band features:

Gabe Beaudoin ’15 – bass
Boy-prince Zack Kantor ’15 – guitar, vocals
Dan Light ’14 – guitar
Nate Repasz ’14 – drums
Eriq Robinson ’15 – trumpet
Sam Sontag ’14 – rap, cajon
Sean Winnik ’14 – tenor saxophone

The Taste blends funk and rock for hard grooves that get the blood pumpin. The lineup is:

Raechel Rosen ’15, vocals
Zach Burns ’14, keyboards
Matt Leibowitz ’14, trumpet
Adam Jaskol ’13, saxophone
Dan Wissinger ’13, bass
Mark Bennett ’13, drums
Adam Brudnick ’13, guitar

deVexo is Jaime de Venecia ’15, ready to wet your whistle with some moombahton and funky/glitchy electro-house.

Igbee aka The Artist Formerly Known as Paradise Stomp aka Brewster Lee ’13 will get you nice n sweaty

Date: Saturday, October 27
Time: 10 pm -2 am
Place: Psi U
Cost: FREE
FB event. 

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