Spotted: Headless Squirrel on Warren

Below: a more upbeat picture of a squirrel joining an Arabic class. After the jump: somewhat graphic image of headless squirrel.

This past Sunday, a squirrel came to its gruesome end after being pecked alive by a red-tailed hawk. On Thursday, Wesleying commemorated the six-month anniversary of a Wes Squirrel’s death by vulture. Squirrel enthusiasts, beware. Here comes another crime report.

On Thursday, October 25, at approximately 9:30 am, Alexandra Ricks ’16 and I were walking down Warren Street from Freeman Athletic Center. Ricks stopped in her tracks and shrieked. I quickly followed suit when I saw what laid before us.

There, in the middle of the sidewalk, was a dead Wes Squirrel. Sans-head.

It is common to see dead squirrels here and there at Wesleyan, but rarely does one see a sight like this. The squirrel was sitting in an upright position, with the complete front half missing. The spine was severed, visibly sticking out of the corpse’s bottom half. (Click past the jump at your own discretion.)

Though causes of other Wes Squirrel deaths have been evident, it is uncertain how this actually happened. If anyone has any insight (or watches a lot of CSI), please let me know.

October seems to be a bad month for Wes Squirrels. Squirrel Gore is the only thing I’m unsettled by this Halloween.

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3 thoughts on “Spotted: Headless Squirrel on Warren

  1. good samaritan

    CLEARLY THIS is a Satanic Mutilation ! just MORE PROOF THAt Satanism is Alive and well at “wesleyan” !!

  2. anon

    I saw a live squirrel with the top half of its head missing running around the Westco courtyard yesterday.

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