Breaking: Classes Not Cancelled, Unless They Are, Which Is Possible, Maybe?

The East Coast has been cancelled until further notice.

Frankenstorm a.k.a. Hurricane Sandy a.k.a Ze Who Must Not Be Fucked With continues its evil descent in Middletown. Winds are high outside and getting higher. is reporting a “flood watch” for Middletown, as well as “Tens of Millions in Path of Megastorm Sandy.” All local public schools are closed for Monday and Tuesday. Metro North is suspending service after 7 p.m. tonight. (New York is freaking the fuck out; even pets are allowed on the subway and trains now.) Hundreds of thousands of East Coasters have been ordered to evacuate. The Middletown Price Chopper is a wild scene of frantic hysteria.  Instagram is telling the story of the storm in visual uploads. Spongebob-related Sandy memes have been pushed into overdrive. And according to The ‘Cac, Trinity and Conn College have already cancelled classes:

Naturally, Wes’ recent bottled water ban is wreaking some degree of havoc. Meanwhile in Hartford, Governor Malloy is chatting up Barack Obama about the hurricane. 

Wesleyan is one of the last Connecticut schools not to cancel class. As of thirty minutes ago, Yale has cancelled all classes and “non-essential services. Wesleyan has to cancel classes, too. Right?

Err, no. Wesleyan’s administrators continue sending out all-campus emails insisting that classes will (probably) be held (maybe) as usual (we think). The latest is from Rob Rosenthal, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs:

Dear members of the Wesleyan community,

At the current time there are no plans to cancel classes tomorrow, Monday, October 29th. We continue to track the storm and will send updates with any important information, including changes in plans.

This follows on an earlier email from Dean Mike Whaley, which arrived around 1 pm today:

Dear Students

We are continuing to monitor the approaching storm.  Given the current trajectory and forecast, we are expecting heavy rains and strong winds beginning late tonight and continuing into Tuesday.  The strong winds may cause power outages in our area.  Please immediately report any loss of power to Physical Plant (860-685-3400) or to Public Safety (860-685-2345).  At this point, we expect the University to remain open for normal operations.  If the storm disrupts normal functioning of the University, we will alert you via the Wesleyan homepage and e-mail.  If necessary, we will use our emergency notification system (voice, text and e-mail) to communicate urgent information.  The storm may prevent some faculty from being able to come to campus, and they will likely contact you by e-mail if they need to cancel a specific class.

Please take some time to review the safety tips that Res Life has posted on their webpage to prepare for the storm.

We expect to send an update again tomorrow.

All best,

Dean Mike

Of course, even if the University decides not to officially cancel classes, your professors can make the call otherwise. Want to know if you’re going to class or not? Figure out where you’re professors live. Court Street? Not cancelled. Commuting from New Haven? You’re pretty set.

For some students, though, the University’s indecisiveness calls to mind last year’s blackout snowpocalypse, which occurred exactly a year ago this week, eerily enough. During that freakout, University administrators kept promising classes would go on as planned, then announcing otherwise as Connecticut remained in a state of emergency. At least students with cars were able to escape to New Haven. Driving during Sandy, though, is probably not the best plan.

As hermes (an experienced Floridian) urged yesterday, your best best is just to:

be smart, be safe, and stay indoors. Keep some non-perishable food (stuff that doesn’t have to be microwaved or heated) and water in your room. Make sure you keep important items easily accessible. Keep all electronics charged in case of a power outage. Keep an eye on weather reports. Lastly, make sure everyone in your hall or house is accounted for.

Oh, and follow Hurricane Sandy on Twitter. As long as we have internet, there’s no better way to stay informed:


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6 thoughts on “Breaking: Classes Not Cancelled, Unless They Are, Which Is Possible, Maybe?

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  3. Student '15

    Absolutely disgusting. If any students die or get injured because they were outside walking to classes, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the administration. This is ludicrous.

  4. Slim

    This is madness. The Governor has declared a state of emergency. All the local schools are closed, Trinity and Yale have both cancelled classes for Monday and Tuesday, panic buying is in an all out frenzy on Main Street , and all the local subcontracted workers are preparing for the worst.

    In the meantime the University is desperately assuring us all that everything is fine. Pay no attention to the FUCKING HURRICANE behind the curtain.

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