Breaking: Okay, But Seriously, Classes Are Cancelled

Remember that time the weather went batshit at the end of October and we had two Fall Breaks?

Just kidding, classes are cancelled after all. Just in time for all the angry comments to flood our last post, Roth posts this on his blog. (Spoiler alert: he “really [doesn’t] like to cancel classes.”) My Facebook feed is freaking out, and so is yours:

As many of you know, I really don’t like to cancel classes, and we have been making preparations to continue our operations tomorrow. But the latest forecasts and information from the state have led us to conclude that we should suspend normal operations. We are cancelling classes for Monday, October 29 and Tuesday, October 30.  We will provide updates for plans for Wednesday by early afternoon on Tuesday.

Faculty and those staff designated as “non-essential” should not come to work tomorrow or Tuesday. Students should stay in their residence halls as much as possible, and should certainly stay away from trees. Meals will be available in Usdan, and we will be sending scheduling information to students soon.

If you are on campus and need help with storm related matters, please call Public Safety at 860-685-2345. For emergencies, call 860-685-3333.

We will get through this with cooperation and prudence.

The earlier portion of Roth’s post includes this gem:

Last year we had our freak snowstorm, but who knows what the new normal will be?

I haven’t gotten the all-campus email yet, but I imagine it’s Coming Soon to an Inbox Near You. In the meantime, WesWings writes in to let you know it’s staying open tomorrow no matter what:

And Wesleying writes in to let you—well you know…

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  2. Jake Eichengreen

    Due to the cancellation of classes, Espwesso will be closed tonight and tomorrow, tentatively reopening Tuesday.

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