Event: Farm House Watches Shit

If you’re tryna walk across campus in this mess (note: do so at your own peril), Kate Gibbel ’15 sends in an update on what Farm House is up to:

lord of the rings (one)
lord of the rings (two)
lord of the rings (three)
crouching tiger hidden dragon
silence of the lambs
animal farm
animal house
willie wonka
day after tomorrow
the shining
scary movie (one)
scary movie (two)
scary movie (three)
scary movie (four)
scary movie (is there a fifth? we’ll be watching it)
west side story
roman holiday
step up (only the fourth)
mean girls
the second half of braveheart, because we didn’t finish it last night
charlotte’s web
a compilation of the twilight sex scences
harry potter (two)
harry potter (five)
twilight zone – talky tina

Date: Today, October 29
Time: Now until whenever
Place: Farm House
Cost:  Free

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One thought on “Event: Farm House Watches Shit

  1. spinoza

    it boggles the mind that “roman holiday” and “west side story” could be in the same list as those other movies.

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