Literal College Survival: Liveblogging Sandy

Haaavvveee you met Sandy? You might have realized by now that you’re not in class. Congrats. While you all get to sleep in and catch up on your reading/get crunk/whatever, we here at Wesleying are working hard to capture the magic of this here hurricane through the power of liveblog. So for the next few hours (or, more realistically, until power or Internet goes out), stay tuned for intermittent updates of how we’re surviving.

Submit photos of your hurricane survival experiences to (or just tweet them at @wesleying).

Here’s a quick summary of what’s open right now:

  • According to an all-campus email, “The Usdan Center is open until 7 pm tonight and is providing meals. We expect it to be open tomorrow from 9 am to 7 pm.”
  • WesWings claims to be open for lunch. (Can anyone verify?)
  • WeShop is open from noon until 5 pm today, but their inventory is pretty raided.
  • “Libraries and other offices, including Freeman Athletic Center, are closed today and tomorrow.”
  • Star & Crescent closed, obviously.

All liveblog content past the jump. When the content stops, you’ll know Wes has lost the Internets, God save us.

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