Literal College Survival: Liveblogging Sandy

Haaavvveee you met Sandy? You might have realized by now that you’re not in class. Congrats. While you all get to sleep in and catch up on your reading/get crunk/whatever, we here at Wesleying are working hard to capture the magic of this here hurricane through the power of liveblog. So for the next few hours (or, more realistically, until power or Internet goes out), stay tuned for intermittent updates of how we’re surviving.

Submit photos of your hurricane survival experiences to (or just tweet them at @wesleying).

Here’s a quick summary of what’s open right now:

  • According to an all-campus email, “The Usdan Center is open until 7 pm tonight and is providing meals. We expect it to be open tomorrow from 9 am to 7 pm.”
  • WesWings claims to be open for lunch. (Can anyone verify?)
  • WeShop is open from noon until 5 pm today, but their inventory is pretty raided.
  • “Libraries and other offices, including Freeman Athletic Center, are closed today and tomorrow.”
  • Star & Crescent closed, obviously.

All liveblog content past the jump. When the content stops, you’ll know Wes has lost the Internets, God save us.

Zach October 30, 201211:43 AM

Liveblog out. This storm is done, and Middletown seems to have won.

Samira October 30, 20122:43 AM

We got 16,577 hits today!! Thanks for reading Wesleying :)

Samira October 30, 20122:43 AM

Zach, I’m sleeping now gnight! Yeah, I’ll upload pics tomorrow. GNIGHT ALL!

wieb$ October 30, 20122:07 AM

“The right to walk the streets, or to meet publicly with one’s friends for a noble purpose or for no purpose at all—and to do so whenever one pleases—is an integral component of life in a free and ordered society.”
Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville

Not tryna let this cyclone abridge my rights–I got some noble debauchery to accomplish.

Back off, PSafe.

Zach October 30, 20121:19 AM

Also sorry I didn’t come to WestCo.

Zach October 30, 20121:16 AM

Make that its own post, Samira!

Samira October 30, 20121:06 AM

I’m about to watch Run Lola RunAlso the WestCo dance party in the tunnels happened. It was great. Pictures forthcoming.

hermes October 30, 20121:01 AM

Sigh, Wikipedia is still down.
The crazy Wiki addict (Wikiddict? Is that a thing?) in me is dying a little bit inside.

Zach October 30, 201212:51 AM
Zach October 30, 201212:50 AM

Ben Doernberg ’13 is tweeting that this tree branch came within inches of crushing his house.

Zach October 30, 201212:48 AM

I won’t tell you his name, but he likes Prince a lot.

Zach October 30, 201212:48 AM

WESU has switched over to automation and encouraged its live DJs to stay home and not risk their lives for the sake of college radio. But I know at least one committed DJ who feels otherwise.

Zach October 30, 201212:47 AM

Btw, it’s stopped raining, it’s not very windy, and it’s actually weirdly nice outside. Yet Dan Drew is saying the most intense portion of the storm is still to come. I’m confused.

Zach October 30, 201212:45 AM

Wesleying got record page views for the semester today. Here’s what people have been searching for to get to our blog.

hermes October 30, 201212:39 AM

Lili Borland ’16 on her sheet fort (the first picture in the post below): “It’s perfect. It’s not even saggy.”

hermes October 30, 201212:37 AM

In other news, Frosh Fauvs 3 has two different sheet forts going on.

hermes October 29, 201211:38 PM

Well, I just watched about 15 different High School Musical numbers on YouTube.
#breakingfree #noregrets #sandy2012

hermes October 29, 201211:19 PM

Check Wunderground. So much easier to read.

topanga October 29, 201210:58 PM

Someone give me actual details. Has this really been the worst of it, as MA Gov. Deval Patrick said? has so many graphics that it’s unintelligible.

hermes October 29, 201210:45 PM

Uh oh. High School Musical soundtrack.

schmox October 29, 201210:29 PM

@Samira yes

hermes October 29, 201210:28 PM

Ellen Paik ’16: “You guys are transcribing my life. I was listening to S Club 7 earlier and eating chocolate-covered almonds earlier.”

schmox October 29, 201210:26 PM

oincidentally, I’m also listening to S Club 7…has the time for a campus-wide S Club jam finally come?

Samira October 29, 201210:24 PM

@otherbloggers: Want to transition to DRUNK, SoBER, H1GH coverage at some point?

Samira October 29, 201210:17 PM

Nutella covered almonds are really tasty.

hermes October 29, 201210:15 PM

I’m listening to S Club 7.
These are dark times.
Facebook’s (hopefully temporary) freeze is making me feel very vulnerable and very early 2000s.

Samira October 29, 201210:12 PM


Samira October 29, 201210:11 PM

Correction: I just lost internets on my phone.

Samira October 29, 201210:10 PM

Facebook works on my phone but not on my laptop. Lots of sites aren’t working right now.

hermes October 29, 201210:09 PM

And does anyone have any info on the Facebook situation?

hermes October 29, 201210:06 PM

@goatmilk: It is defined as “a former tropical cyclone. This generic term describes a cyclone that no longer possesses sufficient tropical characteristics to be considered a tropical cyclone.”
It sounds like a middle aged lady trying to get into a club.

goatmilk October 29, 201210:01 PM

@hermes: Is that like postmodernism?

Samira October 29, 20129:58 PM

Would mangrove forests along the Eastern Seaboard have helped us at all?

hermes October 29, 20129:54 PM

Update: Sandy is now being called “Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy” instead of “Hurricane Sandy.”

hermes October 29, 20129:48 PM

Guys, I’m running out of Easy Mac.

Samira October 29, 20129:47 PM

All I want is Yeezy on loop and a roast beef avocado sandwich.

Samira October 29, 20129:43 PM

21 DIY Emergency Preparedness Things, granted we actually have a blackout….when is that, in two-ish hours?

schmox October 29, 20129:38 PM

in lieu of the facebook shortage, Wesleyan students might consider engaging in a number of other rainy day activities

Samira October 29, 20129:37 PM

18 People Comparing Women They Know to Hurricane Sandy. Highlight:

hermes October 29, 20129:34 PM

Either the person who lives next door to me or the person who lives on the floor above me is watching Moonrise Kingdom for the second time today.
I give them an A+ for movie choice.

Samira October 29, 20129:33 PM

These Sandy joggers in Central Park are almost as great as those two guys who were playing frisbee on Foss for several hours this afternoon. Speaking of which, who were ya? Seemed funnnn and reckless!

Samira October 29, 20129:30 PM

This is pretty bootlegged but I love Buzzfeed

Meatpie October 29, 20129:27 PM

More good hurricane tunes.

topanga October 29, 20129:27 PM

Driving. Me. Crazy.

Samira October 29, 20129:27 PM

fuck that I just woke up from an ill-timed nap and now just want the internet

topanga October 29, 20129:26 PM

Ugh Samira so many Facebook problems.

hermes October 29, 20129:25 PM

@Samira Me too.

topanga October 29, 20129:24 PM

Captured by Anonymous just before the 8 pm curfew:

hermes October 29, 20129:24 PM

My wifi is getting all stop and go.

Samira October 29, 20129:24 PM

ughhhh I can’t get onto Facebook right now. Is anyone else having this problem?

topanga October 29, 20129:21 PM

Terrifying and tragic. Seriously, everybody stay safe:

Zach October 29, 20129:08 PM

And here is what the Lower East Side looks like right now, apparently. I don’t really understand what that person is going to do once ze manages to get into hir car.

Zach October 29, 20129:06 PM

OMG. Bye bye, Wall Street. Via @OccuWeather

Zach October 29, 20129:06 PM

That is a fucking awesome homework assignment.

topanga October 29, 20129:05 PM

“This is boring… I mean I want it to be bad.”

topanga October 29, 20128:48 PM

In other news, that class’s homework is “to look out the window today and tomorrow.”

topanga October 29, 20128:45 PM

Eerily, BIOL173 Global Change & Infectious Disease was scheduled to have guest lecturer Prof. Dana Royer (E&ES) give a presentation entitled “Climatology and the prediction of warmer and freakier weather worldwide” tomorrow during class.

Zach October 29, 20128:40 PM

Great that Chris Christie is now tailoring his tweets to the many kids out there who avidly follow Chris Christie’s Twitter:

hermes October 29, 20128:37 PM

Hannah Maniates ’16 and Penny Snyder ’16 laptoping out the storm.

hermes October 29, 20128:25 PM

My roommate when I told her that 10% of Middletown residents are without power: “We are the 90%.”

topanga October 29, 20128:23 PM

How to talk to your kids freshmen about the hurricane.

hermes October 29, 20128:20 PM

(Thanks Mommy Dearest for the update.)

hermes October 29, 20128:19 PM

This just in: about 10% of Middletown residents are without power.

schmox October 29, 20128:15 PM

Filled a blender with Dr. Pepper from Usdan. Sandy is no match for its 23 delicious flavors.

topanga October 29, 20127:48 PM

For anyone who feels me, or Tracy Morgan, Scare Tactics is back.

hermes October 29, 20127:42 PM

My friends have resorted to Snap Chat.
It’s going to be quite a long evening.

topanga October 29, 20127:33 PM

Wait. Amazon Prime has videos. Including every season of West Wing. And both seasons of Pushing Daisies.

hermes October 29, 20127:31 PM

Another update: apparently people did in fact go body sledding down Foss today. I wish I had pictures.

hermes October 29, 20127:26 PM

Update: the pizza delivery was for the first floor of Frosh Fauvs.
Shame on all of you, first floor…and allies.

hermes October 29, 20127:25 PM

That poor pizza delivery man.
But seriously.

Zach October 29, 20127:24 PM

According to Governor Malloy, the worst is still to come overnight. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.

Zach October 29, 20127:24 PM

I made it to Home and survived (though drenched). Shout-out to the miserable Dominos delivery guy I saw in the Fauver parking lot. (I filmed my journey and will get it on the Wesleying YouTubes eventually.)

hermes October 29, 20127:16 PM

Smart House is an integral part of cinematic history.
What a fantastic film.

topanga October 29, 20127:15 PM

Periodic updates in Usdan come on over the music in a PSA-style announcement from a computerized voice reminiscent of Smart House saying to “Bring all dirty dishes to the dish return area as soon as you are finished, and return to your seats if you so desire,” the general assumption being that they no ones wants to have dirty dishes lying around if the power goes out.

topanga October 29, 20127:09 PM

Well here’s one Sandy partier who didn’t get caught by the new Butt RAs:


goatmilk October 29, 20127:05 PM

Really surprised no one seems to remember this particular Sandy jam. “Saaaandy, the water is rising behind us…”

Meatpie October 29, 20127:01 PM

sike b careful!

Meatpie October 29, 20126:58 PM

don’t be fatuous zachary, you’re too skinny to sprint

DMZ October 29, 20126:58 PM

Let’s get tropical. #pinacoladas

Zach October 29, 20126:54 PM

About to sprint to Home Ave. Here goes.

Zach October 29, 20126:53 PM
Zach October 29, 20126:52 PM
Zach October 29, 20126:52 PM

How come no one told me Chris Christie has a hilarious twitter?

Meatpie October 29, 20126:52 PM

Hurricane Haiku #2:

Licking frosting from
the tongs, count the flickering
stories of the lights

Samira October 29, 20126:51 PM

Here’s Anderson Cooper covering Hurricane Sandy from New Jersey: 

hermes October 29, 20126:48 PM

Annnndddd a branch just hit my window.
It’s going to be a long night.

hermes October 29, 20126:47 PM

Well…this wind is indeed starting to get a little bit scary.

ZeePorn October 29, 20126:39 PM

New rule: Every time a light flickers, take a shot. Every time you see someone running into the hurricane to play, take a shot. If there’s a blackout,

Zach October 29, 20126:36 PM

OMG. This really is a state of emergency. The Yale Club has dropped its dress code to accommodate stranded Yalies.

hermes October 29, 20126:35 PM

Sandy, quit playing with me.

DMZ October 29, 20126:35 PM

Flickering lights flickering lights!! Time to quickly make pina coladas before lights go out!

Meatpie October 29, 20126:33 PM

Hurricane Haiku #1:

The sun has gone down
the middletown winds howling
frank ocean croonworld

Zach October 29, 20126:31 PM

Woah, hear that? Senior Fauver just straight-up rattled with that last gust.

hermes October 29, 20126:28 PM

The wind is howling like crazy.

hermes October 29, 20126:14 PM

Yeah, just saw that.
Dude, how scary would it be drive an emergency vehicle through a hurricane?

Zach October 29, 20126:13 PM

Two flashing firetrucks speeding down Vine. That can’t be good.

hermes October 29, 20126:07 PM

Lights starting to flicker…
Commence charging every piece of electronic equipment I own.

Zach October 29, 20126:04 PM

In breaking news, October is officially Wesleying’s busiest month ever for hits (in part because of Sandy). Shout-out to the four people who got to Wesleying today by googling “fuck sandy.”

schmox October 29, 20126:00 PM

The curfew is more what you’d call “guidelines.”

Zach October 29, 20125:57 PM

Wait, so Middletown has a curfew tonight? Will we get grounded by Mayor Drew if we break it?

hermes October 29, 20125:56 PM

UPDATE: Sandy is expected to make landfall in Cape May, New Jersey in approximately 5-10 minutes. The storm is moving at around 28 mph and was about 30 miles away as of 5pm.

schmox October 29, 20125:53 PM

So much for Hurricane Shwasty:

To Members of the Wesleyan Community:

Storm conditions are intensifying and are expected to intensify further. Meal service at Usdan ends at 7 pm this evening, after which students are advised to remain in their residences. Please note that the mayor of Middletown has established a curfew for the city starting at 8 pm this evening, and the “Ride” will not be running tonight.

We have no other news to report at this time, and we will send another update by mid-morning, Tuesday. Storm updates are also available at or by calling the Wesleyan Info Line at 860/685-5678.

hermes October 29, 20125:51 PM

The Reese’s Puffs that I was eating earlier (and left out on my desk) have already gone stale.
Phuck you, Reese’s, phhuckkk yooouuu.

DMZ October 29, 20125:47 PM

Grease > Spongebob

DMZ October 29, 20125:39 PM

Some gems from parents_talk listserve:

“My freshman daughter said she picked up some cans of spaghetti on the advice of her R.A. I think they will be fine.”

“I was at Wes for the blizzard of ’78 when the only transportation on the streets of Middletown were cross country skis or hiking through feet of beautiful snow. We simply had a great time, found food somehow, and survived.”

“My daughter texted me that classes have been canceled for Mon and Tues. And her test was postponed to next week, so she’s pretty happy.”

hermes October 29, 20125:38 PM

Arrested Development on Hulu.

ZeePorn October 29, 20125:36 PM

The hurricane just said hello to me. And my wet socks.

hermes October 29, 20125:35 PM

“Pretty sure the Northeast telephone infrastructure is not gonna go down because of the hurricane or people calling emergency lines but because of people posting Instagram photos of it on the Internet.”

hermes October 29, 20125:29 PM

It’s our RA’s birthday.
Happy birthday RA Dan.

schmox October 29, 20125:27 PM

“If the first two ingredients of Sour Patch Kids are ‘sugar’ and ‘invert sugar,’ do they cancel each other out?” –Miranda Katz ’15 #questionablenonperishables

ZeePorn October 29, 20125:26 PM

Wishing I could be the crazy guy that is apparantly currently riding a jetski through NY harbor. Now scanning the interweb…

hermes October 29, 20125:22 PM

hermes October 29, 20125:20 PM

My friend showed me this on Tumblr: “Hurricane Sandy doesn’t even sound threatening. It sounds like the caption on a middle-aged mom picture of her middle-aged mom friend being margarita wasted at a Chili’s.”

hermes October 29, 20125:18 PM

“If you aren’t playing Pokemon, you’re losing at life.”

schmox October 29, 20125:18 PM

Option 2: Yes, you can, at least in the official Multicatan browser game.

Meatpie October 29, 20125:15 PM

If it’s the end of a road, yes; if you’d be building it through their road, no.

schmox October 29, 20125:13 PM

Debate question: can you build a city on someone else’s road?

schmox October 29, 20125:10 PM

Update from down the hill: as Sandy lays waste to Middletown, CT, my housemates bravely venture to settle the land of Catan. Trials and tribulations to follow.

schmox October 29, 20125:07 PM

You might say Sandy’s crying us a river right now.

hermes October 29, 20125:06 PM

Justin Timberlake’s song “Cry Me a River” = musical masterpiece.

Meatpie October 29, 20125:02 PM

Other debate question: Did Axl Rose write ‘November Rain’ for this very moment?

Exhibit A:
“Do you need some time on your own?
Do you need some time all alone?
Everybody needs some time on their own
Don’t you know you need some time, all alone?”

Exhibit B:
“Don’t ya think that you need somebody?
Don’t ya think that you need someone?
Everybody needs somebody
You’re not the only one, you’re not the only one.”

Exhibit C:
*guitar solo*

schmox October 29, 20125:01 PM

I vote no, but this man’s life is in your hands. Can you handle the pressure??

justice October 29, 20124:57 PM

Debate Question: Would ordering Dominos right now be a dick move or not?

Meatpie October 29, 20124:54 PM

Howdy cats. Here’s a nice selection of dope hurricane songs.

Zach October 29, 20124:48 PM

Wait, this reminds me of that music video with Slash playing guitar in the middle of a field during a rainstorm or some shit. Can someone remake that in a thesis film? killofrights? lesanjuan?

Zach October 29, 20124:47 PM

He turned the volume up. We’re up to the guitar solo, which sounded really epic when I was 14.

Samira October 29, 20124:45 PM

That’s cool.

Zach October 29, 20124:45 PM

My roommate (pmyers) is playing “November Rain.” He says he’s going to liveblog about it.

Zach October 29, 20124:44 PM

Hi Samira!

Samira October 29, 20124:43 PM

Hi Zach!

Zach October 29, 20124:37 PM

I ventured out (stupidly) to Weshop, and all the way down to the Church lot. Photo post forthcoming.

Samira October 29, 20124:36 PM

There’s a 30% chance that it’s already raining!

Samira October 29, 20124:30 PM

Don’t use umbrella during hurricane. Hurricane > umbrella

hermes October 29, 20124:26 PM

Someone in my hall is playing Nickelback.
The struggle is real.

schmox October 29, 20124:22 PM

@aSandyHurricane please don’t judge my yoga pants. You have no idea of the facility with which spandex conforms to the human body. #whoevenwearsrealpantsthesedays

ZeePorn October 29, 20124:18 PM

“There are two sides to this storm”. One side is a winter wonderland called Snow Shoe West Virginia where they have 3 feet of snow and a famous winter resort. We’re not on that side.

hermes October 29, 20124:15 PM

Easy Mac = good hurricane food.

ZeePorn October 29, 20124:14 PM

“So apparantly this is an ‘Apocalypse Now’ scenario. The question is, are you Marlon Brando, or are you Martin Sheen?” – Some dude ’14

Zach October 29, 20124:13 PM

Uh, she is.

schmox October 29, 20124:09 PM

What if Sandy is liveblogging about us right now?

Zach October 29, 20124:07 PM

About to venture over to Weshop and see what the scene is like.

hermes October 29, 20124:05 PM

Easy Mac time.

ZeePorn October 29, 20124:04 PM

C’mon power outtage…I don’t want anything due till Wednesday…

schmox October 29, 20124:03 PM

Wondering how that guy who spent his life savings before the Rapture is handling all this…

hermes October 29, 20124:01 PM

Person 1: This hurricane is complete bullshit. It’s not that bad out.
Person 2: That’s because the storm hasn’t made landfall and we’re not at the center of it.
Person 1: Oh….

hermes October 29, 20124:01 PM

Well…that was a letdown.
I was ready for a “The Day After Tomorrow” moment.

Zach October 29, 20124:00 PM

Uh. It’s 4.

Zach October 29, 20123:59 PM

Should we start a countdown? 29. 28. 27. 26. 25…

hermes October 29, 20123:59 PM

One minute until the rumored power loss.
It was nice knowing all of you.

schmox October 29, 20123:58 PM

So if we lose power, what are the chances I can get out of writing that Argus article for tomorrow? Is journalistic integrity even a thing anymore?

hermes October 29, 20123:56 PM

Sad day, bro.

Zach October 29, 20123:55 PM

From Wesleying’s tipbox: “A gust of wind through a cracked window just knocked over a full tall boy. DOESN’T SANDY GET THAT SHIT IS IN LOW SUPPLY RIGHT NOW”

hermes October 29, 20123:54 PM

T-minus 6 minutes until we supposedly lose power.

schmox October 29, 20123:53 PM

“all my candles and incense” = iPhone Flashlight app

ZeePorn October 29, 20123:49 PM

“More than 67,000 without power” reports NBC Connecticut. Looks like it’s finally picking up. Time to get out all my candles and incense.

Zach October 29, 20123:48 PM

FYI: When the power goes out, I’m writing my thesis by candle light on my 1970 Olympia SM-9 De Luxe typewriter. You heard it here first.

Zach October 29, 20123:43 PM

Also, The_Madness says this: “a football coach says that ‘we might lose power about 4pm’ on Monday… where the hell he got this information, I have no idea.” Guess we’re gonna find out soon.

Zach October 29, 20123:43 PM

The Zipcars are usually parked right behind Allbritton; I’m pretty sure this pic is from a faculty lot(?).

schmox October 29, 20123:41 PM

“Just-outisde-of-NYC” hometown declares state of emergency, orders mandatory evacuation. Damn it feels good to be in Connecticut.

hermes October 29, 20123:39 PM

Someone is telling me the car that got crushed by the tree is a Zipcar…but I don’t know if that’s true…

Zach October 29, 20123:36 PM

If you have a blue Honda parked in the Church Street lot, now’s a good time to call your car insurance company. (Thanks, whoever just texted me this image. I don’t recognize the number.)

schmox October 29, 20123:34 PM

This city is having slightly more concert cancellations than Eclectic this semester.

ZeePorn October 29, 20123:33 PM

My former German TA tells me that there is coverage of Sandy even in Germany. Are all reporters really crazy, or am I just not getting how screwed we are?

schmox October 29, 20123:30 PM

These storms were way more fun than Sandy could ever dream to be.

hermes October 29, 20123:30 PM

Listening to every Karmin cover on YouTube.

schmox October 29, 20123:25 PM

These people are having way more fun than you right now.

topanga October 29, 20123:23 PM

Hurricane got you down? From Anonymous ’15:

hermes October 29, 20123:21 PM

My mother texted me to let me know that I used incorrect grammar in my post about the Macbook Pros.
Sorry, Mother Dearest.

schmox October 29, 20123:20 PM

anyone else tryna reenact the sexy rain scene from the Notebook? come be my Ryan Gosling (f4m)

hermes October 29, 20123:19 PM

@topanga my mistake

hermes October 29, 20123:18 PM

“I’ve decided to name my Spearow Ellen…as in DeGeneres.”

topanga October 29, 20123:17 PM

151* Pokemon. 

hermes October 29, 20123:14 PM

Cereal spillage alert.

hermes October 29, 20123:11 PM

There are no less than seven Macbook Pros in this room.

Zach October 29, 20123:10 PM

The Onion has been pretty quiet about this hurricane business, but this is pretty good.

ZeePorn October 29, 20123:07 PM

Starting my English essay.
The worst hours of the storm have come.

schmox October 29, 20123:06 PM

From Slate: some fancy science pictures regarding today’s festivities.

hermes October 29, 20123:06 PM

Okay, now we’re watching a video of some girl making all the noises for the first 150 Pokemon.
Shit’s getting real.

hermes October 29, 20123:04 PM

hermes October 29, 20123:03 PM

The Internet is starting to get sketchy.
Uh oh.

schmox October 29, 20123:01 PM

If a tree falls in the Weswings parking lot and no one is around to see it, will it actually hit my car?

topanga October 29, 20123:00 PM

Ah, the first foliage foiled by Frankenstorm.

Zach October 29, 20122:57 PM

Wesleying just got a tip that a tree fell in Parking Lot C (Between 200 Church and Butterfields). Here’s photo proof.

schmox October 29, 20122:54 PM

In a surprising twist of events, the subject of my mother’s latest e-mail was not “Be safe” but rather “DO YOU WANT A PENGUIN COSTUME??”

ZeePorn October 29, 20122:50 PM

Now looking for suggestions on ways to troll my parents with daily “I’m not dead” texts. So far all I can think of is “Hey guys, I’m really glad Verizon 3G has coverage in Oz.”

hermes October 29, 20122:50 PM

In other news, here’s what going on at Boston College.

hermes October 29, 20122:49 PM

I decided to venture outside for journalistic purposes.
I suggest you all do not venture outside for journalistic purposes.

schmox October 29, 20122:48 PM

NBC News provides a relevant factoid for all you prospective Econ minors:

For the first time since the Great Blizzard of 1888, U.S. stock markets will be closed for two consecutive days due to weather.

topanga October 29, 20122:46 PM

His other message was “Everybody take a few extra bananas today!”
… The bananas were gone by 12:30.

Zach October 29, 20122:43 PM

I hope he continues using the catch phrase “I’m serious. I’m Michael Roth” in emergency situations like this one.

topanga October 29, 20122:42 PM

President Roth was at Usdan today eating with the little people, the message was virtually “Calm the Fuck Down- I Got This.” Reminds me of when pols eat with victims at public shelters.

schmox October 29, 20122:38 PM

I feel better knowing that @KimKardashian hopes everyone is safe.

hermes October 29, 20122:38 PM

Just passed two guys chilling on Foss. I’m glad that some people are being really casual about this storm.

schmox October 29, 20122:29 PM

Is anyone else secretly thrilled to have an excuse to subsist on dried meat for two days?

topanga October 29, 20122:29 PM

Last night: “We should day drink all day tomorrow.”
Today: “Let’s close the blinds and hide all day today.”

ZeePorn October 29, 20122:25 PM

HM just got back from price chopper with emergency supplies. SO MUCH CANNED TUNA :))))

hermes October 29, 20122:24 PM

My friend just broke out her emergency chocolate stash.
These are desperate times.

Zach October 29, 20122:24 PM

Seems my parents have lost power. No more safety emails from my mom where the subject line is the entirety of the email.

topanga October 29, 20122:23 PM

Should I make all my Easy Mac now in case power goes out? #newwesleyingpoll

schmox October 29, 20122:22 PM

Housemate decides to join said youths. Godspeed.

topanga October 29, 20122:20 PM

“Ugh, I hope Netflix is still working tonight or I don’t know what I’ll do.”

hermes October 29, 20122:19 PM

Update: power still on. Internet still working. The world has not ended…yet.

schmox October 29, 20122:17 PM

Watching the youths of Throw Culture play frisbee/cheat death outside my window. Great form guys.

topanga October 29, 20122:17 PM

my dad re:frankenstorm: “Keep the clean side up and the dirty side down!”
Had to Google it. Apparently something truckers used to say during bad weather.

hermes October 29, 20122:17 PM

Reese’s Puffs. Nom nom nom.

Zach October 29, 20122:17 PM

Breaking: MPD vehicle currently stationed outside Neon Deli. Seems to be in park mode.

topanga October 29, 20122:16 PM

Reporting live from a Butt single in order to prevent every update from being about the Neon Deli parking lot.

hermes October 29, 20122:12 PM

People studying for their Early African American History exam: “Shay’s Rebellion is my favorite rebellion.”

Zach October 29, 20122:10 PM

In other urgent news, Vicky Zwelling’s retirement party has been postponed. I was looking forward to that.

Zach October 29, 20122:09 PM

Oh yeah. And apparently the FDR Drive is underwater. Shit.

Zach October 29, 20122:08 PM

Slate is reporting serious flooding up and down the eastern seaboard. Updates here.

hermes October 29, 20122:06 PM

“I think I’m going to name all of my Pokemon after Greek philosophers…that or Sigmund Freud.”

Zach October 29, 20122:05 PM

Don’t be surprised if updates from now on out focus disproportionately on the Neon Deli parking lot. Currently: two cars, parked. One silver, one dark blue. Connecticut plates.

Zach October 29, 20122:04 PM

pmyers and I are now stationed in our Fauver living room, where we have a fabulous view of the Neon Deli parking lot and everything that goes on in it. We are listening to Port St. Willow’s LP, which is excellent for weather like this.

hermes October 29, 20121:59 PM

Annnddd people have moved on to playing Pokemon on their computers.
“I’m going to name my Cyndaquil…DayQuil.”

hermes October 29, 20121:55 PM

New York City storm porn is trending in my dorm right now.

Zach October 29, 20121:52 PM
Zach October 29, 20121:51 PM

Just took a glorious hot shower, mostly so I have something to fantasize about when the power goes out.

justice October 29, 20121:41 PM

Checked out Weshop and the cereal is gone. Hope no one needs Frosted Flakes to survive.

Zach October 29, 20121:30 PM
Zach October 29, 20121:30 PM

That sounds dirty:

hermes October 29, 20121:30 PM

(Picture below courtesy of Evan)

hermes October 29, 20121:29 PM

Weshop breadzzz.

Zach October 29, 20121:28 PM

Meh. I forgot Tom Waits’ “More Than Rain.”

hermes October 29, 20121:22 PM

No Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”?

Zach October 29, 20121:22 PM

Evan, Wesleying’s HTML genius-in-residence, just emailed me to let me know WeShop has restocked on bread. (Or just has a lot of bread. Whatever.)

Zach October 29, 20121:20 PM

Alright, fuck The Scorpions. Revised Sandy playlist:

– Neil Young, “Like a Huricane”
– Herbie Hancock, “Eye of the Hurricane”
– Etta James, “Stormy Weather”
– Boris, “Black Out”
– Ween, “Cold Blows the Wind”
– Edgar Winters Band, “Frankenstein”
– PJ Harvey, “The Wind”
– CAN, “She Brings the Rain”
– Pere Ubu, “Stormy Weather”
– Gnarls Barkley, “Storm Coming”
– Donovan, “Catch the Wind”
– The Cure, “Prayers For Rain”
– Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore”
– Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”
– Bjork, “Jóga” (Isn’t that the one where she’s all “STAAAATE OF E-MEEEER-GENNCYY?” You know the one.)

hermes October 29, 20121:16 PM

hermes October 29, 20121:13 PM

Peeps in my hall are putting together a puzzle.

hermes October 29, 20121:09 PM

hermes October 29, 20121:09 PM


Zach October 29, 20121:07 PM

More Spongebob memes plz.

Samira October 29, 20121:04 PM

Obama just e-mailed me about Hurricane Sandy safety precautions. Presumably he still wants me to donate to his campaign.

hermes October 29, 20121:03 PM

Today’s incident (as told by my roommate):
“MICHAEL ROTH came to my table and was like, ‘Hey you should take some bananas from Usdan,’ then pointed to my stack of six bananas and said, ‘Oh waaaiiittt…'”

hermes October 29, 20121:03 PM

My roommate: “Every time I grab a bunch of bananas from Usdan, something weird happens.”

hermes October 29, 20121:00 PM

Gov. Dan Malloy: “This is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes.”

Zach October 29, 201212:59 PM
hermes October 29, 201212:58 PM

Summary of the email:
1. Stay indoors.
2. Contact P-Safe if anything goes horribly wrong (like if you lose power).
3. Usdan is open today until 7pm and open tomorrow from 9am to 7pm.
4. Weshop is open until 5pm today (I’m surprised, considering the fact that their entire inventory was gone by yesterday night).

Zach October 29, 201212:58 PM

Obama isn’t joking around:

Zach October 29, 201212:57 PM

Usdan is supposed to be serving lunch(?) right now. Anyone got pictures of the line? I’m guessing it looks like this (watch the beginning of the clip).

hermes October 29, 201212:56 PM

Zach October 29, 201212:54 PM

What does it say? (They send those all-campus emails out in waves. My last name is near the end of the alphabet, so I haven’t gotten it.)

Zach October 29, 201212:53 PM

Oh, and here’s what the Weshop shelves look like. People be hoarding.

hermes October 29, 201212:52 PM

The administration just sent an email update on the storm.

Zach October 29, 201212:52 PM

Prominent campus (wedding) photographer Mike Nakhla ’13 just posted this on Instagram. Awesome.

justice October 29, 201212:50 PM

My hall-mate is telling me that her town is flooding and that she won’t have a house tomorrow. This hurricane is actually doing some damage.

Zach October 29, 201212:49 PM

According to MSNBC, Obama is (or is about to) deliver a statement on Sandy.

hermes October 29, 201212:49 PM

Someone from my high school in Florida just posted this on Facebook.

justice October 29, 201212:48 PM

The storm is gaining strength people. This shit is getting real.

Zach October 29, 201212:47 PM

I’m loving that all the comments on Roth’s no-class announcement are from royally freaked out parents. Can only imagine what sort of panic is ensuing on the Parents_Talk listserv right now.

hermes October 29, 201212:47 PM

Zach October 29, 201212:46 PM

Worth checking out: Eerie Photos Show Huge New York Transportation Hubs Abandoned Due To Hurricane Sandy

Zach October 29, 201212:45 PM

Literally the entire Internets are freaking out about Sandy. Except Google is celebrating Bob Ross’s birthday. Never change.

hermes October 29, 201212:45 PM

hermes October 29, 201212:44 PM

Ah, Willard.

Zach October 29, 201212:43 PM
Zach October 29, 201212:41 PM

It’s mad windy outside, but I haven’t seen/heard of any downed trees on campus yet. Anyone else know otherwise?

Zach October 29, 201212:40 PM
hermes October 29, 201212:40 PM

The line for my dorm’s laundry room is longer than the line for the iPhone 5.
I kid you not.

Zach October 29, 201212:39 PM
Zach October 29, 201212:39 PM

Governor Malloy: “So stay home. Let me repeat — stay home.”

Zach October 29, 201212:38 PM

As of a few hours ago, Mayor Drew has declared a state of emergency in Midddletown, which ” allows him to exercise the powers that the City’s Emergency Operations Plan affords him.” (Don’t worry, WesDems, you helped elect this guy.)

Zach October 29, 201212:36 PM

According to WeirdWes, people are going streaking in this madness. NeverchangeWesleyan.

Zach October 29, 201212:33 PM

Alright, just put my laundry in. I know I’m tempting fate here, but let’s have power for two more hours maybe?