Update: Sandy Predicted to Hit Every State in the Northeast…Except Connecticut

Well guys, Mother Nature (the bitchy old lady who gives you granola bars instead of candy on Halloween) has decided to give us a blessing…or the middle finger, depending on whom you ask.

Weather reports are now projecting that the storm of the century (literally) will be curving around the Northeast, just barely missing Connecticut.

“Damn it hermes, does this mean that there will be no hurricane for us? I stocked up on chips and frosting from Weshop and even began twerking like a hurricane last night.” Do not fear, there will still be winds upwards of 40 mph and some pretty heavy rain today. We’re getting the effects of the hurricane without actually really being in the hurricane.

Other exciting weather/university updates:

  • My mother (whom you might remember from this little liveblog) wants me to tell all of you that you should use Wunderground for hurricane updates and such. It’s actually extremely helpful.
  • Yes, Usdan is open but with a modified schedule–breakfast is open from 9-11, lunch from 12-2, and dinner from 5-7.
  • All libraries are closed today.
  • Winds are most likely going to stay around the strength of tropical storm winds (40-70 mph) instead of hurricane ones (70+ mph).
  • The WSA sent out an email last night (and it is also on Wesleying) detailing procedures on campus for the next couple of days and supplying contact numbers if you need to reach anyone with questions or concerns.
  • Storm porn: all of the pleasure, none of the guilt.
  • Apparently “body sledding on Foss is a go.” I see what you did there.

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