BandCampWes: Slightly Elevated, Majorly Awesome

Remember when homegrown rock star Robert Don ’15  released released an EP that he recorded in the Butts? (I do, because I promptly started putting “In Good Time” on all of the mix CDs I made). Don and his band, Since 1902, a motley collection of St. Louis bad-boy musicians, have done it again.

The band is busily working away on a new album called Slightly Elevated, a follow-up to last year’s No Excuses Wednesdays. In the meanwhile, they’ve realized a tantalizing single, “Our Front Yard.” The soulful and syncopated track has been stuck in my head all day:

So have the stunning visuals from their music video I think it’s safe to say I haven’t seen a cinematic piece this absurd since, oh, Purple Rain.

You should definitely check out the single (and their first album, No Excuses Wednesdays) because when Don becomes famous, you’ll be able to say you knew him back when he still recorded music in his dorm room. Or because, who knows, you might like the music. New music video here.


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