Brown Student Tells NBC 10 Hurricane Isn’t Real

“I mean, think about it, the earth rotates very quickly…”

As recovery efforts continue in Sandy’s wake, here’s something to lighten the mood: a Brown student who has finally realized the truth about the government conspiracy we’ve been calling Hurricane Sandy.

Meet “Daniel,” identified as a student at Brown University. In one of the noblest trolling endeavors since the Wesleyan Class of 2005 hijacked the Class of 2000’s Twitter account, Daniel was interviewed on NBC 10 and bravely expressed skepticism over the hurricane’s existence. “I mean, I don’t really believe that there’s a hurricane,” he tells the reporter in an amazing video clip that has made the rounds on New York Mag and Buzzfeed. “I know the government wants us to think that. But, I mean, think about it—the earth rotates very quickly.”

When the reporter impatiently interjects to ask whether or not class is cancelled at Brown, Daniel replies: “Well, the government definitely wants you to think classes have been cancelled. I’m not so sure.”

Though the clip has been interpreted as sincere, our friends at Blog Daily Herald report the truth: “HE WAS JOKING.” One aggravated commenter, “Michael Lissack,” isn’t laughing:

Guys this is 1) not funny 2) badly timed 3) completely destructive to “Daniel”‘s employment prospects. Think about it. Propsective employer asks Daniel “how do you explain your lack of judgment?” Daniel replies I was “joking/trolling” Prospective employer replies “over 10o people died, $5-$10 billion of property damage ensued and you were joking? I repeat how do you explain your lack of judgment? More importantly how am I supposed to know that you will not exhibit that same lack/poor judgment while working for me?” Net result no job offer. Daniel whoever you are I hope you are a trust fund baby because you have otherwise ruined your future.

Before you respond, pause and consider if Lissack could be another well-heeled troll. Or a government-implanted spy.

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