Last Canvas for Elizabeth Warren

The venerable Noam Sandweiss-Back ’15 writes in with opportunity to help out my favorite bad-ass senate candidate:

The time has finally come. The polls are tight. The campaigns are mobilizing. And the vote needs to get out.

This Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday (editorial note: be there for election day OH EM GEE) Wesleyan for Warren is traveling one last time to Worcester, MA to get the vote out. If you’re from Mass, feel passionately about Warren, or can’t get to a swing state for Obama we’d love for you to come up for one/all of the days. In such a close race every bit helps.

Even if you don’t think you can give up a full day fill out this form with your availablity and we will try to work around everyone’s schedules.

Warren can really impact Washington. Let’s get her into Senate

Date: Saturday Nov. 3, Sunday Nov. 4th, Tuesday. Nov 6th
Time: TBD
Place: Worcester,Ma
Facebook: Get at usss
Questions? Contact any of the Elizabeth Warren Campus Interns:  sebb(at)wes, jpollan(at)wes, etammaro(at)wes, nsandweissba(at)wes,emullaney(at)wes

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