Minimum Rage: Nona Willis Aronowitz ’06 Speaks

From Samantha Maldonado ’13:

Journalist and cultural critic Nona Willis Aronowitz ’06 will be speaking about the economic fate of the downwardly mobile Millennials and how that will affect the future of labor movements, as well as the implications of that on how we think about our professional identity. This discussion will be based on her work as manifested in her “Hustlin” series at GOOD Magazine, where she formerly was an editor.

Nona was an American Studies major during her time at Wes. She founded Tomorrow Magazine and is a Roosevelt Institute fellow. Her writing about feminism, sex, politics, and pop culture has appeared in The Nation, The New York Observer, The Atlantic, The Village Voice, Slate, The American Prospect, Salon, and Washington Post. She also edited the anthology of her mother Ellen Willis’s rock criticism and co-wrote the book Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism after graduating from Wesleyan.

Event sponsored by the Sociology Department, the Adelphic Educational
Fund, After Hours Literary Magazine, and SALD.

Date: Friday, November 2
Time: 4:30pm
Place: 200 Church
Facebook: Right hurrrr

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