Hangman’s Lime Deadline Extended

Tryna get your poems published? You’ve got another month to procrastinate. From Rebecca Coven ’13:

Sad that you missed the
Hangman’s Lime deadline last week?
Well we’ve got good news!

Deadline extended
til the first of December.
Send us your poems!

Deadline: December 1
Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail

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4 thoughts on “Hangman’s Lime Deadline Extended

  1. Hangman's Lime

    Molly apologizes for error in the first haiku. If you can figure out what the error is, you should probably submit to Hangman’s Lime.

    1. Hangman's shitty rhymes

      First Haiku:

      Second Haiku:
      6 (I’m guess you falsely assumed that “poems” was only one syllable? … or maybe that was a failed attempt at being artsy?)

      If you’re extending the deadline a whole extra month (!!!) I’m guessing your call for submissions to a poetic magazine will not be successful when you can’t even write one proper haiku?

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