Halloweesleying Costume Roundup

If you’re still confused about when Halloweekend happened, that’s probably because it happened approximately three times: once last weekend, once the previous weekend, and again during that hurricane that seems to have caused serious damage everywhere but Middletown. Throughout all the madness, we collected Halloween costume photos from you, occasionally offering prizes in return. (JK, we don’t actually have a Michael Roth blow-up doll.) Here are the best of the bunch. (JK, it’s all the ones we received.)

Some of the costumes were literary. Some of them included video game references I don’t understand (shout-out to Kristen Salustro ’13 for making the costume). There was one Wes Anderson character, one post-it monster, one pair of dudes carrying a boombox and dancing to “Gangham Style” everywhere they went. And, as always, there was one Sam Korda ’13.

Vote for your favorite in the comments section. I’m giving honorable 0ff-campus mention to occasional Canadian television star Mytheos Holt ’10 for his ingeniously characteristic Bane Capitol outfit. 

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6 thoughts on “Halloweesleying Costume Roundup

  1. Offended By Stupid Girls

    I’m offended by the hipster girls in Native American attire. Reason why I hate ironic hipsters.

  2. Offended By Stupid Girls

    The girls in the Native American clothes… WTF is wrong with you. You are so incredibly offensive. I hate hipsters.

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