Liveblogging Election Night: Dear-God-Make-It-Stop Edition

Two years, 94 debates, one drunk/high/sober liveblog, and endless polls later, we’ve finally arrived. Two candidates entered (well, technically a lot more), one will survive. Who will it be? Tonight wesleying will be continuing (and thank God, finishing) our election coverage with a liveblog of the results as they roll in tonight. There are a couple of locations on campus where we’ll be station (and where you can follow along):

  • Usdan has a big projector screen by the staircase showing MSNBC, so plenty of people will be watching there.
  • The American Studies Majors’ Committee and the Government Majors’ Committee are hosting an event at the Woodhead Lounge (location here).
  • In your comfort and safety of your own dorm! Just go to here to watch CNN!

Stay tuned, and get ready to celebrate when Obama (most likely) wins. (If he doesn’t, Nate Silver is totally fucked.) Hopefully it’ll look something like this:

Oh, and Middletown’s polls are open for another 100 minutes. Hurry up and get on line. The liveblog will still appear past the jump once you get back. 

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pyrotechnics November 7, 20129:53 AM

Update! This:

Zach November 7, 20122:58 AM

Speaking of which, I need sleep. More coverage in the morning.

Zach November 7, 20122:47 AM

Do you guys think Obama is just gonna, like, sleep for 76 hours now?

Zach November 7, 20122:37 AM

Also, can someone get us connected to Nate Silver so he can predict how many votes Giant Joint wins in the next WSA election?

Zach November 7, 20122:35 AM

So here’s Mytheos’s take, in case you were wondering.

KatCo November 7, 20121:50 AM

Fox News is down but not out.

BZOD November 7, 20121:41 AM

All right, it’s been real, but it’s 3:41 AM here and there is a chance that I’ll have class tomorrow. Peace out folks!

wieb$ November 7, 20121:22 AM


Never forget Alaska, especially when planning those spring breaks.

BZOD November 7, 20121:04 AM

So, Nate Silver got 48/48 of the called states correct. Alaska still isn’t called, and Florida is still a toss-up with Obama slightly ahead – but Silver gave Obama a 50.3% chance.

topanga November 7, 201212:58 AM

Look at Romney and listen to his voice… Infinitely more relaxed than the last time we saw him.

topanga November 7, 201212:52 AM

According to Zach Dravis ’15 “RIP Michelle Obama’s vagina” and “Michelle Obama’s totally getting the D tonight” have 250,000 “notes” on Tumblr right now.

pyrotechnics November 7, 201212:51 AM

And don’t forget Alaska. Its 3 electoral votes could be HUGE. Like the state. Alaska is big. They make it look small on maps. Did you know that Alaska is actually about one third of the total geographic size of the continental US? I like geography. Geography is nice. You get all those pretty maps, and some of them are bumpy and all textured. I like textured stuff. Things just feel good in your hands, ya know? Things you just wanna touch, run your fingers over ever so lightly, slowly apply some gentle pressure, give it a nice squeeze… Sorry, where were we? Oh right! Alaska! Yeah, those three votes are crucial! A real election-swinger. Yeah.

topanga November 7, 201212:48 AM

Michele Bachmann has “the most Republican district in the state of Minnesota” and is in the closest House race in the nation right now.

wieb$ November 7, 201212:45 AM


…remember, we’re still waiting on Oregon.

topanga November 7, 201212:44 AM

New Wesleying poll: “Spring Break: Colorado or Washington?”

wieb$ November 7, 201212:43 AM

Well, at least one of them will be fighting for us…

pyrotechnics November 7, 201212:39 AM

Obama just took the lead in the popular vote. Currently leading by ~15,000 votes and climbing fast.

pyrotechnics November 7, 201212:35 AM

The real question is… will Williardus Mittertonne Romnifery revise his figures, and blame the 51%?

hermes November 7, 201212:32 AM

Side note: who saw the shot of that little girl crying when Romney lost?
ABC has #noshame

hermes November 7, 201212:31 AM

I like all of the shots of Obama supporters awkwardly dancing in the crowd.
Fuck yeah Obama.

Zach November 7, 201212:30 AM

When’s Mitt gonna ad-lib the concession speech he didn’t think he had to write?

Zach November 7, 201212:29 AM

Down w/ dis:

BZOD November 7, 201212:27 AM

The Trump’s words transcend all musical limitations. So yes.

Zach November 7, 201212:24 AM

Can you set it to Pachelbel’s Cannon?

Zach November 7, 201212:23 AM

Arya is wearing an American flag and just led like 200 students in the National Anthem. This is actually pretty routine at Wesleyan.

BZOD November 7, 201212:23 AM

Considering setting Trump’s twitter feed to music.

Zach November 7, 201212:22 AM

Word, every time I read Donald Trump’s twitter I wonder why I don’t do that more often.

topanga November 7, 201212:21 AM

Because Because this this this this this this and this never happened.

hermes November 7, 201212:21 AM

I got a text from a friend and she told me to go to this website.

Zach November 7, 201212:20 AM

Wait, so we can close Guantanamo now, right?

BZOD November 7, 201212:19 AM

Washington now has legal marijuana too, right?

KatCo November 7, 201212:14 AM

Now he said “vaginal probes”. Further shudders.

KatCo November 7, 201212:13 AM

Brian Williams just said “Tea Party insurgency”. Chilling.

KatCo November 7, 201212:10 AM

Oh, come on, Hickenlooper ’74, live a little. What’s wrong with smoking pot in public?

Zach November 7, 201212:09 AM

Zak Malik ’14 just sat down next to me and says all he wants is for “the country to recognize that we are the best country ever.”

BZOD November 7, 201212:09 AM

The Onion has already weighed in on the matter: Defeated Man Victorious

pyrotechnics November 7, 201212:09 AM

And Obama’s to say he won:

pyrotechnics November 7, 201212:07 AM

Mitt Romney’s Wikipedia page has already been edited to say he lost:

topanga November 7, 201212:07 AM

Santorum advisor on ABC just compared Romney to Dukakis NEVER EVER EVER

Zach November 7, 201212:05 AM

Oh, and Maine legalized same sex marriage. Even Mytheos is glad about that one.

Zach November 7, 201212:03 AM

Okay, so Giant Joint did win after all. Shout-out 2 Colorado.

Zach November 7, 201212:00 AM

“The Republican nominee had already written a 1,118-word victory speech that he thought would conclude his yearslong quest for the presidency.” lol

Zach November 6, 201211:59 PM
topanga November 6, 201211:58 PM

This might be repeating what hermes just said, but gay marriage legalization has been called in Maryland and Maine.

Zach November 6, 201211:58 PM

Colorado legalized weed. Worrrd.

hermes November 6, 201211:55 PM

Another awesome update: Maryland, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota are still supporting same-sex marriage.

topanga November 6, 201211:55 PM

Oh no Florida still hasn’t been called!! #hangingchads

topanga November 6, 201211:55 PM

Romney/Ryan went 0-5 in their homestates.

Zach November 6, 201211:54 PM
topanga November 6, 201211:53 PM

Now that the election is over I wanted to offer a quick alternative on why this might not be a good thing. The GOP is going to realize that a (relatively) moderate candidate is incapable of winning an election. McCain was a moderate overall, Romney was compared to many other Republican candidates. I’m worried that the reflex will be to bounce too far right, and their next candidate will be a Santorum, a Huckabee, a Palin, a Bachmann… which could potentially be far worse than Romney for the next four years. So are we holding out hope for Huntsman 2016?

pyrotechnics November 6, 201211:52 PM

The sad part of this evening is that not even this earthquake can topple Bullshit Mountain.

KatCo November 6, 201211:51 PM

Come on, Willard, no one likes a sore loser.

KatCo November 6, 201211:50 PM

Obama gets to appoint the next three Supreme Court justices. Whoa.

BZOD November 6, 201211:47 PM

Also, Romney’s loss is making Dean Chambers look like a bit of an idiot. The guy dissed Silver as a “a thin and effeminate man with a soft-sounding voice” whose political predictions are average at best. He predicted a Romney win with 359 electoral votes and 55% of the popular vote.

To which Nate tweeted: “Per, I am ‘a thin and effeminate man’ & therefore not to be trusted. Unskewedpolls argument: Nate Silver seems kinda gay + ??? = Romney landslide!”

Zach November 6, 201211:45 PM
pyrotechnics November 6, 201211:45 PM

In other news, John Huntsman has snatched a surprise victory over Tammy Baldwin in the Iowa Senate race. Huntsman blames the confusion on Herman Cain strangling Nate Silver last February and sneakily learning to blog using intellectual sentences instead of Pokemon quotes.

BZOD November 6, 201211:42 PM

What Donald Trump meant to say: “It’s only democracy if my candidate wins! YOU’RE FIRED OBAMA, YOU’RE FIRED!”

BZOD November 6, 201211:40 PM

Speaking of Chile, George Takei’s Facebook page: “This just in: Apple Maps projects Obama to win Chile.”

Zach November 6, 201211:40 PM

The Fight Song just erupted in Exley 150.

pyrotechnics November 6, 201211:40 PM

Sir Richard Branson just called the election for himself.


Zach November 6, 201211:38 PM
KatCo November 6, 201211:37 PM

Ladies of Maryland, I am available.

hermes November 6, 201211:36 PM

Meanwhile, same-sex marriage polls still looking promising:

BZOD November 6, 201211:35 PM

Based on an extremely small sample size, it seems that Chile is happy that Obama won as well.

hermes November 6, 201211:33 PM

Zach November 6, 201211:32 PM
KatCo November 6, 201211:31 PM

NPR has now called it. In case you were waiting.

Zach November 6, 201211:31 PM

Alright. Time for someone to find Michael Roth and get him drunk.

Zach November 6, 201211:30 PM

Srsly. We have to get him on Wesleying staff.

BZOD November 6, 201211:30 PM

I’m just going to say that Nate Silver is the real winner here.

Zach November 6, 201211:29 PM
Zach November 6, 201211:28 PM
Samira November 6, 201211:28 PM


Zach November 6, 201211:27 PM
Zach November 6, 201211:26 PM

Obama chants in Exley.

Zach November 6, 201211:26 PM

There it is.

Zach November 6, 201211:24 PM
Samira November 6, 201211:24 PM


topanga November 6, 201211:24 PM

ABC refuses to call it, presumably in order to maintain viewers through this nonsense.

Zach November 6, 201211:24 PM

My brother just sent me a cute text: “Four years ago we watched this outside our rooms and you left me a piece of paper that said Obama was president. Cool. I expect another piece of pape.”

hermes November 6, 201211:24 PM

Dear ABC,
Get this asshole off the screen and call the race already.

KatCo November 6, 201211:23 PM

“This was a post-modern campaign.”
Thank you, Tom Brokaw.

Zach November 6, 201211:22 PM

Most of Exley 150 doesn’t realize the race has been called. Twitter is freezing up. Waiting for the big outburst.

Zach November 6, 201211:22 PM
KatCo November 6, 201211:19 PM

Four more years of Barry O.

Zach November 6, 201211:19 PM

Atlantic Wire is calling it: “Obama 274, Romney 203—Obama Clinches Second Term”

Zach November 6, 201211:18 PM

Obama is tweeting “Four more years.” Seems pretty confident.

Zach November 6, 201211:17 PM

Get ready for cheers, Wesleyan.

Zach November 6, 201211:16 PM
lesanjuan November 6, 201211:16 PM

Fox called Ohio.

Zach November 6, 201211:15 PM

Florida and Ohio haven’t been called. Have they?

Zach November 6, 201211:15 PM

MSNBC is projecting reelection victory. Not sure how.

hermes November 6, 201211:15 PM

NBC is calling the race?

BZOD November 6, 201211:13 PM

Tried to explain the electoral college to a Chilean today. It took about half an hour and ended with, “So, doesn’t that mean that most of your country’s votes don’t matter?”

KatCo November 6, 201211:13 PM


topanga November 6, 201211:12 PM

ABC amended their statement: “most tweeted American political event ever.” Sounds like a Wes a capella group searching for a superlative.

hermes November 6, 201211:12 PM

The number of MacBook Pros in this room is ridiculous.

Zach November 6, 201211:11 PM

We’re taking an official vote in Exley between ABC and The Daily Show. Pretty sure The Daily Show got louder cheers.

hermes November 6, 201211:09 PM

Unpopular opinion: I’m not a huge fan of the channel change only because it doesn’t let us know when Obama wins shit.

Zach November 6, 201211:08 PM

Just switched over to the Daily Show coverage, which got some big cheers.

Zach November 6, 201211:07 PM

Can we start spreading rumors that Diane Feinstein is Will’s mom?

KatCo November 6, 201211:07 PM

In the words of my high school history teacher, “North Carolina is North Carolina.”

Zach November 6, 201211:05 PM
hermes November 6, 201211:04 PM

Obama is still ahead in Florida and Ohio and isn’t too far away Virginia.
And Florida is on the last 10% of the vote-counting.

Zach November 6, 201211:04 PM

ABC calls Idaho for Romney; everyone glares at Katie M. ’13.

BZOD November 6, 201211:03 PM


Zach November 6, 201211:02 PM

Obama wins California and Hawaii. Exley 150 cheers like it’s the fucking Superbowl. What?

hermes November 6, 201211:00 PM

General consensus: Elizabeth Warren is freaking adorable.

Zach November 6, 201210:58 PM

Al Gore (@AlGore) just tweeted, “I am confident in saying that President Obama is going to carry the state of Florida tonight.” Because if anyone’s an authority on carrying the state of Florida, it’s Al Gore.

Zach November 6, 201210:57 PM

People keep remarking with wonder how Wes cheers every time a state goes blue. As if, you know, that separates us from every other college in the northeast.

hermes November 6, 201210:55 PM

Zach November 6, 201210:54 PM
topanga November 6, 201210:53 PM

North Dakota bans smoking in all indoor workplaces… Ohay 1986.

topanga November 6, 201210:50 PM

Oklahoma bans affirmative action. That matters.

topanga November 6, 201210:49 PM

ABC News analyst just awkwardly corrected his counterpart who misquoted Obama as saying “Popping the boil” compared to “the blister”… “It’s still gross.”

Zach November 6, 201210:49 PM

Our esteemed frostedmoose beams in from Facebook: “every news channel so: stuff happened, aaaand stuff might happen, soo…. yeah. hi random person in suit. talk to us for a few minutes?”

Zach November 6, 201210:45 PM

Heading out for a bathroom break. Don’t count any votes till I get back.

hermes November 6, 201210:45 PM

Florida is tied with only 12% of the votes left to report.

BZOD November 6, 201210:44 PM

For the record, I am not in any way related to that woman.

topanga November 6, 201210:42 PM

Holy cow.  ABC News just brought this up.

topanga November 6, 201210:41 PM

Scott Brown had a 56% approval rating, +24%, which was good for second out of 50 senators, when he lost in MA.

Zach November 6, 201210:41 PM

Oh word, the Inauguration fell during my Peer Group meeting. (I was a peer leader and hated it.) That was a great day.

topanga November 6, 201210:36 PM

After a bit of research, it looks like this year, unlike in 2009, I won’t be getting out of geometry to go watch the inauguration in my high school auditorium.

BZOD November 6, 201210:34 PM

Breaking my usual posting-from-abroad ban to jump onto this liveblog. My sleeping Chilean host parents are not reciprocating the anger that radiates from the very core of my being every time I sit through an election counting process and I feel like I need some solidarity.

hermes November 6, 201210:33 PM

Update: Massachusetts voters just approved marijuana for medicinal purposes.

hermes November 6, 201210:31 PM

Back to the iPad…

topanga November 6, 201210:30 PM

How is it possible that we can’t get a graphic up on the screen, and instead have to zoom in on Politico’s app on this insufferable woman’s iPad?

hermes November 6, 201210:26 PM

Update on the campaigns for same-sex marriage: Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota are so far in support of same-sex marriage. Washington has not started counting ballots.

topanga November 6, 201210:25 PM

the ‘Bamster takes Wisconsin. Romney needs FL, OH, and VA to have a chance.

Zach November 6, 201210:24 PM

Wisconsin for Obama.

topanga November 6, 201210:24 PM

Just quickly want to ammend what I said earlier: I confused my Tea Party rape commentators. Todd Akin, who just lost in Missouri, discussed the biological response to legitimate rape. Mourdock, who I mentioned earlier, discussed rape as a part of God’s plan, and lost in Indiana not long ago.

justice November 6, 201210:22 PM

New Mexico goes to Obama. Barely a swing state but whatever.

justice November 6, 201210:21 PM

Weed legalization looks like it might pass in Washington and Colorado!

Zach November 6, 201210:21 PM

Wait, Obama just got New Mexico.

Zach November 6, 201210:21 PM

Electoral count: Obama: 162; Romney: 163.

hermes November 6, 201210:20 PM

Lots of selfie-taking going on in the front of Exley 150.

hermes November 6, 201210:18 PM

Google+ Hangout…Really ABC?

Zach November 6, 201210:15 PM

Is anyone counting the “Aynwar Randte” write-in votes for FL?

Just wondering.

justice November 6, 201210:13 PM

Zach November 6, 201210:12 PM

Patiently waiting for Ohio.

justice November 6, 201210:11 PM

From my Facebook status:

Calling it now: A liberal decade. Obama wins tonight, leads us through the recovery. Hillary in 2016. Mostly liberal supreme court by the end. Fuck Reagan.

hermes November 6, 201210:07 PM

Exley is filling up.

topanga November 6, 201210:04 PM

Dems have netted 2 Senate seats tonight.

topanga November 6, 201210:04 PM

“Legitimate Rape” Mourdock lost, and his name will never be mentioned again. Praise da Lawd.

Zach November 6, 201210:02 PM

Okay, ABC finally stopped filming random people’s iPads and realized that Elizabeth Warren won.

Zach November 6, 201210:01 PM

My dad joined the Twittersphere and tweeted this: “Where is the Jill Klein Victory party tonight?? I hope they are using recycled streamers!”

topanga November 6, 201210:01 PM

Medical Marijuana approved in MA. 27% of the ‘Cac is celebrating.

Zach November 6, 20129:58 PM

Okay, actually, this is my favorite batshit surreal moment from this campaign: when Devo dropped this track about Romney’s dog, Seamus. What’s yours?

Zach November 6, 20129:57 PM

Hey, they’re showing Bob Dole on the screen. Hi, Bob Dole!

topanga November 6, 20129:56 PM

Also, the iPad is cracked.

Zach November 6, 20129:55 PM

Why is ABC filming an electoral map by zooming in on some jerk’s iPad?

justice November 6, 20129:55 PM

Nate Silver seems to be pulling off his voodoo election polling magic like he does every election cycle. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!

Zach November 6, 20129:55 PM

Loud cheers in Exley for New Hampshire and Minnesota.

hermes November 6, 20129:54 PM

Minnesota goes to Barack.

topanga November 6, 20129:54 PM

Obama’s got New Hampshire, despite his gagillion square foot mansion on Lake Winnipesaukee

justice November 6, 20129:54 PM

Truth: Obama winning or losing Florida is not actually that important.

hermes November 6, 20129:54 PM

New Hampshire goes to Obama.
It’s totally because of my canvassing.

Zach November 6, 20129:53 PM

Oh, here’s this:

hermes November 6, 20129:50 PM

Still freaking out over Florida.
But what else is new?

Zach November 6, 20129:49 PM

If Obama wins, Romney’s moving to Canada. With a dog strapped to his roof.

Zach November 6, 20129:45 PM

Elizabeth Warren’s got MA, according to the internets. Why isn’t ABC reporting this?

Zach November 6, 20129:42 PM
Zach November 6, 20129:40 PM

I miss Keith Olberman. That is all.

topanga November 6, 20129:36 PM

Guess who’s winning on Cape Cod? That’s right.

Zach November 6, 20129:35 PM
Zach November 6, 20129:35 PM
hermes November 6, 20129:29 PM

Lots of technical issues in Exley 150.
Looks like they’re straightening it out though.

topanga November 6, 20129:28 PM

ABC projects the House will stay Red.

topanga November 6, 20129:25 PM

Had one of those Ann cookies, definitely better than Michelle’s chocolate chip cookie.

Zach November 6, 20129:23 PM

Spotted: WSA President Zach Malter ’13, furrowing brow.

Zach November 6, 20129:23 PM

Obama projected for Pennsylvania. Huuuuge cheer.

Zach November 6, 20129:22 PM

Okay, apparently these weird peanut butter cookies at Exley 150 are from Ann Romney’s recipe. They’re okay.

hermes November 6, 20129:22 PM


hermes November 6, 20129:21 PM

Obama winning by 31 votes.

topanga November 6, 20129:18 PM

“Looking at Florida, 307 out of 6.3 million votes separate the two candidates. That’s a busload of senior citizens from a condo that got lost on the way to the polls.” Every vote counts.

Syed November 6, 20129:15 PM

Middlesex County is keeping it real, y’all! These map screenshots were taken only a few minutes apart.

Zach November 6, 20129:15 PM

From ‘The Cac: “According to NBC, less than 200 votes separate the candidates in FL.” #2000

Zach November 6, 20129:14 PM

Want to see a picture of WesKids watching election returns in WesWings in 1992? Here ya go.

Zach November 6, 20129:13 PM

AMST major’s committee just wrote this on the blackboard: “VOLUME DOES NOT GO LOUDER. If you want to hear, ask your neighbors to quiet down.”

topanga November 6, 20129:12 PM

ABC News guy just used “Panglossian.” Does that mean “has syphilis?”

hermes November 6, 20129:12 PM

8,000 votes separate Mittens and #YOLObama in Florida at the moment. The Obamanator is winning.

Zach November 6, 20129:09 PM

Surprise appearance by WesDems superstar Gabriela DeGolia ’13 in Exley 150. She looks tired and stressed, probably because she’s spent like 64 hours in a row trying to get you to vote.

hermes November 6, 20129:07 PM

EVEN MORE BREAKING NEWS: CNN’s live stream isn’t working.
The struggle is real.

hermes November 6, 20129:06 PM

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Florida is at 49.6%/49.6% for both candidates.
I’m about to pee in my pants.

hermes November 6, 20129:06 PM

Exley 150 starting to fill up.
CNN’s online voting map is down.

Zach November 6, 20129:05 PM

We’re also now watching ABC instead of MSNBC, which is causing some angst. Wait. Update. Shifting to CNN.

Zach November 6, 20129:05 PM

I’ve uprooted and landed in Exley 150, where there are free cookies, chips, and coffee courtesy of the AMST majors committee.

hermes November 6, 20128:59 PM

Repeat update: the original Woodhead Lounge election results viewing party has been moved to EXLEY 150 (known to frosh as “that big lecture hall”).

hermes November 6, 20128:53 PM

Anonymous ’16: “Yeah, I live in Connecticut but my parents own a house in Ohio, so they voted in Ohio…”
Me: “Oh, that’s great!”
Anonymous ’16: “…for Mitt Romney.”

topanga November 6, 20128:50 PM

(over 90 minutes.)

topanga November 6, 20128:50 PM

@Zach ABC News mentioned it in passing: “12 million tweets surpassed the First Debate’s 11 million.”

Zach November 6, 20128:48 PM

Source, topanga?

hermes November 6, 20128:48 PM


Zach November 6, 20128:47 PM

Usdan livestream just crapped out. Loud boos.

topanga November 6, 20128:47 PM

Most tweets about any single event in the history of Tweeter. Twitter.

topanga November 6, 20128:46 PM

Kevorkian bill in Massachusetts, 1.3% reporting, is within 300 votes of each other out of 40,000.

Zach November 6, 20128:40 PM

Apparently Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy was the most important factor for 15% of voters (if I heard that stat correctly).

topanga November 6, 20128:39 PM

ABC: please stop interviewing heads of SuperPACs, it gives them the illusion of legitimacy.

Zach November 6, 20128:37 PM

If it’s a legitimate win, the electoral college has ways of shutting down that whole process.

topanga November 6, 20128:36 PM

“McMahon outspent Murphy by a gillion dollars. A Baggillion dollars.”

justice November 6, 20128:34 PM

Todd Akin is winning the race for his Senate seat in Missouri. FUCKKK.

Zach November 6, 20128:34 PM
Zach November 6, 20128:32 PM

Huge cheers in Usdan for Murphy.

hermes November 6, 20128:32 PM

I wish I could show you all the things my former Floridian classmates are writing on Facebook.
It’s just getting dirty.

hermes November 6, 20128:32 PM


Zach November 6, 20128:30 PM

North Carolina is “too close to call.” My money’s on John Edwards. That endorsement by The Onion’s got to count for something.

hermes November 6, 20128:29 PM

Surprise, surprise…voter suppression in Florida…

Zach November 6, 20128:29 PM

The King just stuck his head over and yelled the same question. Student ’16: “THEY HAVEN”T GOTTEN TO THE JUICY STUFF YET.”

hermes November 6, 20128:27 PM

Sigh…they’re talking about Florida Governor Rick Scott…

Zach November 6, 20128:25 PM

Okay, Wesleying is officially projecting that Florida is important.

Zach November 6, 20128:21 PM

According to NBC, Romney’s got 82 (projected) electoral votes; Obama, 64.

Zach November 6, 20128:18 PM

Okay, I didn’t mean to write “yellowed” there, but just assume it’s a normal combination of “yelled” and “bellowed.”

Zach November 6, 20128:17 PM

The Usdan chef just stuck his head over the railing and yellowed, “WHO’S WINNING DOWN THERE?” Jason Shatz ’14 yelled in reply: “ALL THE SWING STATES ARE TOO CLOSE TO CALL.”

topanga November 6, 20128:17 PM

My old teacher, who lives in Southie near the Romney party, Facebooks: “if the traffic he is causing in my neighborhood is any indicator, i’m not sure i want romney to be president.” But he’s so hot…

hermes November 6, 20128:12 PM

MSNBC is doing a whole piece on Florida right now.
#floridapride #kidding

hermes November 6, 20128:09 PM

Also, everyone should be keeping tabs on the same-sex marriage campaigns going on right now. Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington are all voting on same-sex marriage in this election.

Zach November 6, 20128:08 PM

Rachel Maddow is saying something interesting about New Jersey but I just zoned out for most of it.

topanga November 6, 20128:07 PM

Thus far, Independents have won more seats than Republicans in the Senate.

Zach November 6, 20128:05 PM

Hermes is a Florida voter. You guys know that, right?


hermes November 6, 20128:03 PM

I’m freaking out.
But actually.

Zach November 6, 20128:03 PM

Wanna follow the map online. Here’s this.

Zach November 6, 20128:02 PM

Delaware and RI: projected for Obama.

Zach November 6, 20128:02 PM

Obama’s the projected winner of Connecticut. (If you’re reading this from your iPhone while freezing your ass off on line at Williams Street, make of that what you will.)

Zach November 6, 20128:01 PM

Obama’s got Illinois, according to NBC. Usdan’s cheering.

hermes November 6, 20128:01 PM

Barack takes his home turf.

hermes November 6, 20127:57 PM

Anndddd polls are closing in 16 states in approximately 4 minutes.

hermes November 6, 20127:55 PM

Romz gets Georgia…no surprise there…

hermes November 6, 20127:55 PM

There’s some traffic at the bottom of the Usdan stairs as students anxiously crowd around to watch the screen.
Shit’s getting intense.

hermes November 6, 20127:54 PM

What frustrates me about the whole “we’re calling the winner of a state after 1% of the votes are in:” only 1% of the freaking votes are in.

Zach November 6, 20127:54 PM

Wow, we should really put together a “Wesleying TV Special Report.” It’ll just be footage of me reading tweets off of some asshole’s iPad.

Samira November 6, 20127:53 PM

Election drinking game. Fun times

topanga November 6, 20127:53 PM

Never mind. Now Katie Couric is doing it on real ABC News.

topanga November 6, 20127:52 PM

Also, if you’re watching the ABC live stream, resist the urge to click the “ABC TV Special Report” in the bottom left. It is a woman using a touchscreen reading Tweets.

topanga November 6, 20127:50 PM

Weird that Romney/Ryan victory party will be not happening in the same place that the Kerry/Edwards victory party didn’t happen.

topanga November 6, 20127:49 PM

David Muir: “I could probably do a very bad Kid Rock impression, after seeing him perform at so many Romney rallies, but no one wants to see that.”
Sorry, David, but no one doesn’t want to see that.

hermes November 6, 20127:48 PM

Dude, if Barack somehow takes Florida, I may start crying.
No joke.

justice November 6, 20127:45 PM

The media does such a good job of making it seem so neck-and-neck.

justice November 6, 20127:42 PM

Quick! Everyone share your favorite election-related video from this election cycle! Here’s mine.

Zach November 6, 20127:41 PM

Ohio’s too close to call. If you were too lazy to send in your Ohio absentee ballot, start feeling guilty now.

justice November 6, 20127:36 PM

Check out Nate Silver’s (fivethirtyeight) liveblog

Zach November 6, 20127:35 PM

Maybe if Wesleying applies for SBC funding we can get Nate Silver to run our weekly poll option.

justice November 6, 20127:35 PM

Google’s election results map is pretty nice

topanga November 6, 20127:32 PM

24-3 in favor of Romney. That’s a big difference, before you realize Romney still has 246 votes left to Obama’s 267.

Zach November 6, 20127:32 PM

Who remembered to vote for Roth Dog?

hermes November 6, 20127:31 PM

The only time we will see Obama winning in South Carolina tonight.
My roommate (who is from South Carolina) is chuckling.

Zach November 6, 20127:30 PM

Ohio polls just closed (unless you’re already on line). NBC is calling Ohio and Virginia too close to call.

Zach November 6, 20127:26 PM

Professor Potter’s live coverage beaming in through the Twittersphere:

Zach November 6, 20127:19 PM

Alright, it’s election night historical gem time. Here’s this classic clip.

Zach November 6, 20127:17 PM

Romney has 19 electoral votes, according to MSNBC; Obama, 3.

topanga November 6, 20127:17 PM

It’s okay. Wesleyan doesn’t seem to know  AP Stat exists.

Zach November 6, 20127:14 PM

I think that was probably on the AP Stat exam. I got a 3.

hermes November 6, 20127:14 PM

@topanga: Woordddd.

topanga November 6, 20127:13 PM

Someone explain to me how 3% reporting is enough to call in some states?

topanga November 6, 20127:11 PM

Romney takes Indiana and Kentucky

Zach November 6, 20127:11 PM

Vermont has been called for Obama; Virginia is still really fucking close.

hermes November 6, 20127:10 PM

Zach November 6, 20127:02 PM

Hey, what ever happened to Wesleyan Republicans? Did that Mythian guy transfer to Vanderbilt or something?

Zach November 6, 20127:00 PM

Poll closings in Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Indiana. NBC is projecting Indiana for Romney; Virginia’s too close to call.

Zach November 6, 20126:53 PM

Wait, am I allowed to call him The Boss if I’m not from Jersey? What if both my parents are from Jersey?

Zach November 6, 20126:53 PM

That pic of Obama chilling with Jay-Z and The Boss really made me wish election night had a halftime.

topanga November 6, 20126:52 PM

Zach, I will never forget this as the greatest moment of the election season. 

Zach November 6, 20126:46 PM
Zach November 6, 20126:35 PM

This also seems like a good opportunity to flashback some of the most totally surreal moments from this election. My choice is this.

Zach November 6, 20126:31 PM

Also, did you know Obama voted early in Chicago last week? Must’ve been awkward for the dude voting right next to him.

Zach November 6, 20126:30 PM

So here‘s a pretty sweet shot of Obama totally broing down with Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen earlier this week. We’re officially taking caption suggestions; leave yours in the comments.

Zach November 6, 20126:28 PM

We’re live. I’m stationed in Usdan, where some ITS staffer keeps fiddling with the TV volume and accidentally making this irritating electrical “BLURRRT.” MUSC109 kids, take note.