Israel/Palestine: Is Peace Possible?

Come celebrate the fact that Sheldon Adelson wasted a whole lot of money by diving into the headache that is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Come Join J Street U at Wesleyan for a multimedia presentation on four key final-status issues (borders, security, refugees and Jerusalem), produced by the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace and The Atlantic and discuss what it will take to reach a two-state solution.

The presentation runs for about an hour and will be followed by a thirty minute discussion. Whether you go to sleep with an Israeli flag under your pillow, think Israel is a irredeemable apartheid state, or know nothing at all about this conflict, you are welcome.

Dinner will be served. For more Info about J Street U, check out their website and facebook.

Date: Thursday, November 8th
Time: 7:00-8:30 PM
Place: PAC 004
Facebook: come one come all

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3 thoughts on “Israel/Palestine: Is Peace Possible?

    1. anti-apartheid

      The Russell Tribunal on Palestine’s South Africa session documented
      how Israeli policy fits international legal definitions of apartheid,
      such as the Rome Statute’s definition.

      Your ‘insane’ comment slurs people with mental disabilities in order to cheaply discredit a belief you disagree with. Your ‘antisemitic’ comment erases the opinions of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora who strongly oppose Israel’s violations of international law.

    2. Guest

      How is calling out Israelis on the imprisonment of Palestinians antisemitic? Why is any negative comment about Israel and its misguided policies immediately thrown into the category of hatred on the basis of religion or culture?

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