New CSPL (Center for the Study of Public Life) Courses for Next Semester

Still looking for that perfect class? CSPL, the acronym that brought you Dar Williams, is happy to announce the addition of four classes for next semester:

CSPL 201: Foundations of Civic Engagement (Prof. Donald Moon)

CSPL 220: Photography and Social Movements (Prof. Andrew Szegedy-Maszak)

CSPL 340: Entrepreneurs and Innovations in Public Education, From a “Nation at Risk” to “Race to the Top” (Jonathan Gyurko and Deborah Meier)

CSPL 350: All The News That’s Fit to Post: Issues for Content Creators in the New Global News World (Stephen Fuzesi)

For details, go to the CSPL link under “Interdisciplinary Programs” in Wesmaps, or contact the instructor for more information.

Happy Wesmapping!

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