SWERVED Exhibition Opening in South Gallery

More student art from Kevin Brisco ’13 and our friends at SWERVED:

Like Art?
Like Students?
Did you eat a small lunch and need further sustenance in the form of delicious finger food and soda?
Well come see student art at the SWERVED opening in Zilkha South Gallery from 5-7 today. Swerved is a student run website that showcases creative work by students on campus (2D, 3D, Poetry, Film, and Music). This show is the physical manifestation of the sights digital functions. There will be art and lots of it, as well as live music performances by RAW and Igbee. Oh and food, there’s food. Come through and grind up on some creativity.
Date: Thursday (Today)
Time: 5-7 PM
Place: Zilkha South Gallery
Cost: Freeeeeeee
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