8th Day/Duke Day Music and Arts Festival Takes over WestCo

Exciting news from the WestCo presidents Walker Loggins ’15, Isaac Pollen ’15, Ellen Lesser ’15, Daniel Wittenberg ’16 and Angus Macdonald ’16:

Come join the intrepid children of the WestCo community for a psychedelic tradition that will never die. Music, art, love, and love-making on a scale never seen before. Artists from the shores of Hong Kong to the hills of Massachusets conspire to make your ears quiver and your soul sing. Visual art from the community will grace the walls while vibe to the beats of psychic mayhem. Beat Culture, M. Constant, and student artists!

M. Constant is a producer from boston who sounds like this.

Beat Culture describes his music as Electronic/Post-Dub/Experimental Pop/Pre-Racism-Dopewave/Ravetronica, but you can see for yourself here:

The action starts 1pm, with headliners sliding in at 5:00pm

Lineup is as follows:
Donfroot– 1-2pm
Zack “boy-prince” Kantor ’15 2-2:30pm
DreamHost 2:30-3:30pm
Siren 3:30-4:15
Yeoman’s Omen 4:15-5pm
M. Constant 5-6pm
Beat Culture 6-7pm

Where: Westco café for music and lounge for art show
When: Tomorrow! Saturday, Nov. 10th from 1-7pm
Facebook event.
Cost: Free in spirit, body, mind and soul.

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