Correa ’10 Tackles New Sketch Comedy Show, “Mis Pelis”

Remember Postponed? The web series was filmed on Wesleyan’s campus last year by a team that consisted of four Wes alumni: Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11Ian Park ’11, as well as recent grad Robby Hardesty ’12. The web series, written and produced by Correa, dealt with some serious job-finding, dream-fulfilling postgrad woes in a painfully self-deprecating way.  And although the cast is no longer living in a van or dumpster diving for food, the people behind Postponed are still alive and kicking in the internet video world.

Enter Mis Pelis, a high energy sketch show that tackles some of the most popular movies that have been released in recent months. Written and directed by Correa, the show stars him as well as one other familiar face: Andrew Santiago, who acted as the  fraudulent drama professor in Postponed. In Mis Pelis, the duo crack jokes, travel through time, and have an 8-bit showdown, among other things. Check out the third episode above, as well as episodes 1 and 2. As Correa explains it:

Mis Pelis (Spanish slang for “my movies”) is airing on the UnoDosTres Channel on YouTube. This isn’t an independent production like Postponed. ISH Digital, a digital production company in NYC, signed me on as a producer after seeing Postponed and they thought Andrew Santiago (the theater professor in Postponed) and I could do a movie sketch show. I think this show, which now airs every thursday at 12 noon, could be fun for the film savvy students at Wes.

The experience of producing a show for a channel has been a great learning experience, but it has also raised the stakes higher than before. The success of this show will be rewarded with me being signed on for more episodes, while its failure will result in its end.

Curious about what happened to the PostPoned Kickstarter you may have read about online? Read Correa’s letter to his supporters here. Correa is currently working on a short film and producing under Future House Pictures, but says he’s glad to refocus his energies after landing a job at Ish Digital in NYC.

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