From the Argives: Wesleyan Uses Protection

Yes, that kind of protection.

September 1992 was an interesting time in Wesleyan’s history. “Fall Ball” was cut due to budgeting problems (an autumn version of Spring Fling?), and a whole new WSA was being assembled after the entire group had been disbanded during the previous school year.

However, squished between articles about how all the frats had to cancel their beginning-of-the-school-year parties and blurbs about every single WSA candidate was this gem of a post, titled “How to Use a Condom Correctly.”

Aside from being extremely comprehensive, this article  comes at an appropriate time. Sexologist and coveted speaker Megan Andelloux (known by her sexologist/Internet title/stage name “Oh Megan”) will be hosting an event on campus later this week to talk about sex.

In addition to actually being helpful and scientific, the article is also accompanied by a series of the most bizarre/awesome drawings of penises (penii?) with/without condoms to ever appear in a bi-weekly college newspaper.

It is also a good time to mention that all of said genital illustrations are wearing shoes. Yes. Shoes.

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