Hewitt Students Fix Water Fountain… With Gardening Hose

For those who live on the third floor of Hewitt 8, a water fountain is not something to be taken for granted. For over a year, the residents’ water fountain has been out of commission, with no plan in sight as to when it will be fixed. Despite numerous attempts and a phone campaign led by Sivan Battat ’15 earlier this year, no progress has been made.

Enter Hewitt 8 Plumbing Co. ’15, an unofficial duo who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We had a Swiss army knife and a hammer, and figured the issue was worth a little bit of exploration, states one of the sophomores. “So we unscrewed a few things, took in some asbestos, and figured out if you turn a few nozzles and poke at the right angles, you can stabilize the [water] motor which is definitely important I imagine.”

The real problem, however, was a matter of connecting the filter, the motor, and a funny little thing called the ‘shutoff’ to a non-existent metal fountain (officially known as a bubbler).

After three Google Searches, and a very suspicious conversation at Home Depot, the duo had what they needed. After connecting a few things to some other things, water was successfully flowing out of a garden hose which stood in place of the standard fountain.

“Our immediate reaction was to shoot the water everywhere.  So we did. Then we tested the water to make sure it was safe for drinking. It totally is, by the way; didn’t taste much different before and after a Brita Filtering”

Physical Plant has not commented on the situation.

“We are hoping they reimburse us. I just don’t know who to bring the receipts to.”

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5 thoughts on “Hewitt Students Fix Water Fountain… With Gardening Hose

  1. middle management woo

    “We are hoping they reimburse us. I just don’t know who to bring the receipts to.” sounds like a job for krystal gayle o’neill MBA!

  2. nomsz

    If you’d like to make the article a tiny bit more accurate: This fountain has been broken since at least September 2010, my first month at Wes. You might as well go with “over 2 years” for a bit of added impact.

  3. qwerty

    physical plant is a joke. good for these students. they actually DID something about the problem that 60k a year can’t solve

    1. Ayn Rand

      It’s not administrative incompetence; it’s forced life skills education. It’s the kind of progressive, forward thinking that marks Roth’s tenure.

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