Video: Forum About Race and Inclusion

In five minutes in Beckham Hall, President Roth will be participating in a panel discussion on race and inclusion. The discussion will be moderated by diversity officer Sonia Manjon and will feature various student, faculty, and Public Safety representatives. As Roth wrote a few days ago,

I hope there will be a good turnout so that we can have a frank conversation about how we can create a campus climate in which all are treated with respect. More than that, we want a campus that builds on acceptance, creating bonds of affectionate solidarity.

Can’t make it? Watch it from your bed. The panel is being livestreamed by social media journalist Ben Doernberg ’13 on U-Stream, as well as by the University at this link. For more, read this post. [Edit: more video after the jump.]

Video streaming by Ustream

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9 thoughts on “Video: Forum About Race and Inclusion

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    1. yeah

      enough with the character assassinations. this isn’t about roth getting “lit up”. that’s such an insular take. i for one am glad he seemed to hear student grievances tonight and seemed sincere about wanting to address them.

  5. Concerned Student

    Some students who really wanted to be present had class during this meeting, was the forum recorded??? Please make it available.


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