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Spring Awakening

Get ready for all your hallmates, roommate(s), etc. to get “The Bitch of Living,” “Totally Fucked,” “Touch Me,” and many more catchy-as-fuck tunes stuck in your head just before Thanksgiving break. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Sarah Corey ’15 wanted to let all ya’ll know that Spring Awakening is opening this weekend!

Directed by Lily Martin
Music Direction by Simon Riker
Artistic Direction by Kayla Stoler
Stage Managed by Sarah Corey and Hannah Rimm

Set to folk-rock music, Spring Awakening follows a group of teenagers
as they experience coming of age in repressive 19th century Germany.

November 15-17 at 7:30pm
Memorial Chapel
The show is free and not ticketed, so please arrive early to get a
seat! Doors open at 7:15pm.


Date: Thursday, Friday, Saturday (November 15 – November 17)
Time: 7:30 pm (Doors open at 7:15 pm)
Place: Memorial Chapel, puh-reach!
Cost: IT’S FO’ FREEEEEEEEEE! (just the way I like basically everything)

Tasmiha Khan ’12 Presents “Beyond the Bubble: Social Ventures Post-Wesleyan”

From Kerry Nix ’15:

Join Brighter Dawns founder Tasmiha Khan ’12 for this fascinating look into post-grad service work and how to sustain a Wesleyan-based nonprofit after graduation. Khan is returning to Wesleyan after an eventful summer that included a trip to the White House to represent Brighter Dawns. Come for a great discussion – and a tasty lassi!

Strawberry lassi will be served!

Date: Tomorrow, November 15
Time: 4pm
Place: PAC 001
Cost: Free

Banking Boot Camp

Rachel Berman writes in from the Career Center:

Join us for a virtual boot camp on investment banking! This session, hosted by Evercore Partners, will cover the investment banking key basics:

– What is an investment bank?
– What is the role of an analyst?
– How do I get a job in an investment bank?

Presenters include Liz Lynch ’80, Senior Managing Director; Stephen Worth ’88, Senior Managing Director; James Lilly ’04, Associate; Mike Winik, Vice President; and Danielle Even, Analyst.

If you are interested in investment banking, don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the industry and get the inside scoop from Wes alumni.

Date: Friday, November 16
Time: 12pm
Place: Olson Commons (Career Center)
Cost: Zero
Super coolio Facebook event: Here

Google Information Session

Careers, careers, careers, careers, google, careers… wait a second:


Join Wesleyan Alumni, Cecil Apostol ’08, Jeff Breau ’11 and Kristina Chiappetta ’11, for this virtual information session to learn about working at Google!

Building great products depends on great people. There are more than 30,000 Googlers behind the tools that you use every day–from search to Chrome. Find out more about what it’s like to work at Google, where we work and who drives our company strategy.

Date: Tomorrow, November 15
Time: 8 pm
Location: Olson Commons, Career Center
Facebook (this feels like a bit of a slap to the face for Google+)

Russell House Series Presents: Padre Spencer Reece

Max Bevilacqua ’12 formally encourages you to get your RuHo on tonight:

Padre Spencer Reece has a BA from Wesleyan University. His first book of poems, The Clerk’s Tale, won the Bakeless Prize, selected by Louise Glück, in 2003. James Franco made a short film from the title poem. His second book of poems, The Road to Emmaus, will be published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in 2013. Reece has received an NEA grant, a Guggenheim fellowship, and the Whiting Writer’s Award. He will be working in Honduras in 2012-13 with support from a Fulbright grant. His poems have been published in The New Yorker, Poetry, and elsewhere. He is currently the chaplain to the Bishop of Spain for the Reformed Episcopal Church, Iglesia Español Reformada Episcopal.

Date: Wednesday, November 14
Time: 8 pm
Place: Russell House
Cost: Free

Meet With Students From Amistad Academy

May Lee Watase ’13 writes in:

Are you free this upcoming Thursday from 1:30-2:30pm? 7th graders from Amistad Academy Middle School in New Haven, a charter school serving mainly low income students of color, are coming for a field trip and would love to meet some Wesleyan students and chat informally about college life.

Students should meet at Exley Science Center, room 58 at 1:30. If you are interested please email May Lee Watase atmwatase@wes.

Date: Thursday, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Place: Exley Room 58

Undergrad Math Club Presents: David Constantine: The Backwards World of Minkowski Geometry

Caryn Canalia introduces us to trippyworld:

We are all familiar with Euclidean geometry, since we walk around in it every day. But making just one small change to Euclidean geometry produces the very strange world of Minkowski geometry, where the distance between distinct points can be zero or even negative, where the triangle equality runs backwards, and where a straight line is the longest path between two points. As it turns our, we should be familiar with Minkowski geometry since it, rather than Euclidean geometry, is actually what we walk around in all day. I’ll explain why (spoiler alert: relativity), and we’ll see how the backwards triangle inequality implies that if you get bored during my talk you can walk back and forth quickly at the back of the room and it will be over sooner for you.

Lunch too!

Date: Tomorrow, November 15th
Time: 12pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: N/A

Professor-Student Conversation on Transparency, Admissions Policy, and Financial Aid

Em Trambert ’14 goes out on a Lim:

While this semester has been filled with debates, discussions, and protests about the impending change to a Need-Aware admissions policy, the impacts of this change—both positive and negative—are enmeshed in much larger issues. These include the financial health of our university, the value we place on welcoming a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives on this campus, administrative transparency with both faculty and students, and access to a Wesleyan education. Dr. Glenn, Professor Lim, Professor Long, Professor Rouse, and Professor Skillman will help us think critically about what a Need Aware policy might mean. The goal of this panel is not to propose an “ideal policy” but to create a foundation on which further conversation can be had. Feel free to come and engage these professors in conversation, or just sit back and listen!

If you have specific questions for the panel, feel free to submit them to See you there!

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Place: Shanklin 107
Cost: Free

Consciousness Club

From Addison Hoffman ’15:

10:10 is a wonderful time to be awake.

Join us to watch “Waking Life”, a rotoscoped animated film focusing on the nature of dreams, consciousness, and existentialism.

Date: Tonight, November 14th
Time: 10:10pm
Place: Buddhist House (356 Washington Street)

Oh Megan Talks Dirty


The PHA’s invite you to join Megan Andelloux for a two hour-long interactive lecture on developing our sexual self-understanding: from becoming comfortable with what you want to learning how to communicate those desires to your partners. You’ll learn more about understanding and entertaining your own wants and needs, what other people are into, masturbation techniques (fundamental to exploring your sexuality!), and verbal and nonverbal communication tools. A special focus will be given on how to either give enthusiastic consent or turn people down.

Anonymous questions will be taken from audience members and answered during the presentation, so come with queries in hand! There will be free-goodie-giveaways!

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 7 pm (but come early to guarantee yourself a seat)
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: Free

Check out Facebook for more info.