Oh Megan Talks Dirty


The PHA’s invite you to join Megan Andelloux for a two hour-long interactive lecture on developing our sexual self-understanding: from becoming comfortable with what you want to learning how to communicate those desires to your partners. You’ll learn more about understanding and entertaining your own wants and needs, what other people are into, masturbation techniques (fundamental to exploring your sexuality!), and verbal and nonverbal communication tools. A special focus will be given on how to either give enthusiastic consent or turn people down.

Anonymous questions will be taken from audience members and answered during the presentation, so come with queries in hand! There will be free-goodie-giveaways!

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 7 pm (but come early to guarantee yourself a seat)
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: Free

Check out Facebook for more info.

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One thought on “Oh Megan Talks Dirty

  1. Lena Solow '12

    Shouldn’t the special focus be on how to determine whether or not you’ve RECEIVED enthusiastic consent, not how to adequately give it? Or at least both equally. These kind of tips can easily feed into the whole “Well why weren’t you clearer that you didn’t want it??” bullshit that assault survivors hear all the time, as opposed to “Well why didn’t you doublecheck that the other person wanted it” that assault perpetrators DON’T hear. Just saying. Stay safe and sexy Wes.

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