WesKids Almost Die Making 48 Hour Film (Definitely Probably Maybe Not an Exaggeration)

Yeah, if you don’t believe me, ask Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Albert Tholen ’15, and Neo Sora ’14. Each one will confirm that the other two chief collaborators died on the set of a movie they made in 48 hours, while working on entirely different movies. Adrien Explains It All:

Glory is the hypothetical origin story of an elderly woman who mans a glory hole in the men’s bathroom of a diner. Yup.

The movie was written, directed, shot, and produced by Neo Sora ’14, Albert Tholen ’15, and I ’13 for the Ivy Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition. The idea of participating this year largely started as a joke. To explain: Neo has participated in this competition every year of college. I worked with him and a bunch of other friends 2 years ago on a film that ended up winning. We quickly realized this year’s competition was gonna fall on the weekend of several thesis films we were shooting (Will Feinstein‘s and Ethan Young‘s [both ’13]), but decided it would be funny to try and put together some sort of meta-film about shooting a movie while on set. [Neo “Toot Dem Horns” Sora wants to add that Adrien was DPing Ethan’s film while ADing Will’s (THREE FUCKING FILMS IN ONE FUCKING WEEKEND), Neo DPed Will’s, and Albert ACed Will’s. If those abbreviations mean anything to you, they shouldn’t.] Ew. Thank god we actually wrote a story. Anyway, the whole idea of the film evolved from the fact that we were working 10-14 hour days on these thesis films and needed something that could be shot quickly. We started writing on Friday at around 10:30pm and hit upload right at the deadline, 8pm on Sunday. We didn’t really sleep.  [Ed. note: Now they are sleeping, because they are dead.]
The film features Hibiki Mizuno ’15 and John Allison (as well as a couple cameos), a score played by Danny Sullivan ’13 in one take, and Albert giving birth/in a dress. Special thanks to Will and Ethan for being really cool about the whole thing.
Anyway, you can watch and vote for the film here.  We really appreciate your support!

As I wrote last year, and am lazily copypasting this year, “now is as good a time as ever to act out of loyalty towards a perceived ingroup member watch every entry and determine which short film most deserves public recognition for quality filmmaking and an engrossing viewing experience!” I haven’t watched any of the others yet, but I can definitely find myself being off task for the 35 minutes it’ll take to do so by the deadline this Sunday, so you should too, probably maybe potentially in theory (just like communism). The deadline is this Sunday, the 18th, at midnight; Vote, vote, vote!

For past coverage of 48 hour film projects at Wes, check the tag (and ignore that I literally live with one of the filmmakers).


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